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Diplomacy with China shows weakness: prime minister District News


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Prime Minister Scott Morrison says there will be no diplomatic thaw in relations with China until he lifts the blockade of ministerial meetings. “As long as China continues to abandon dialogue with Australian ministers and the prime minister, I think this is a completely proportionate response,” Mr Morrison told reporters on Saturday regarding a meeting with the Chinese ambassador. “It would be a demonstration of weakness, and I can assure you, as Prime Minister, that this is the last message I have ever sent to China. The comments come from the back of a superpower that has signed a security agreement with Solomon Islands on social media on Friday, allowing its ships to be based in the Pacific and have a naval base. said the prime minister. “Until … this bloc is removed by China, I think the Australians would find it very inappropriate for me to participate in this dialogue with the ambassador.” Mr Morrison also defended his government’s track record of providing foreign aid to the Pacific in a scathing message to predecessor Kevin Radu, who described his criticism as a “simple lie”. y 50 percent … while (Labor) chased votes for the Security Council, throwing money at countries far from our region, “he said. Australia will provide $ 22 million in the future budget of the Solomon Islands government to fund the wages of emergency workers to help combat the effects of civil unrest and COVID. switched diplomatic ties from Taiwan to Beijing in 2019, in part leading to the deadly riots in the capital, Haniari, last November.Australia, which has historically ensured Solomon’s security, led a police mission following the riots at the request of Prime Minister Manas Sogovar. the US Secretary of State said the draft security agreement and the police deal were not touch on the main problems that led to the November unrest. “We do not believe that the security forces (PRC) and their methods should be exported,” the spokesman added. “This would only fuel local, regional and international concerns over Beijing’s unilateral expansion of its domestic security apparatus into the Pacific.” Last month, Washington said it would open an embassy in Haniari amid fears that China is seeking to strengthen military relations there. Australian Associated Press


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