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Disability Sports Australia assists members of Disability Recreation and Sports SA – Disability Sports Australia


Following a decision at a special General Assembly last Sunday, members of Disability Recreation and Sports SA (DRSSA) decided to liquidate the organization and liquidate the organization, with immediate assistance from Disability Sports Australia (DSA) to DRSSA members.

The DSA is the highest national body for athletes with disabilities, providing programs on a wide range of sporting and recreational activities, from the simple to the elite level. DRSSA was an independent DSA member in South Australia.

DSA Director-General Jenny Cole, who worked closely with DRSSA, said: “We were unable to make any public statements until a decision was made by the DRSSA Board. While we hoped DRSSA could continue, we worked to maintain core programs and minimize any potential impact on people with disabilities in South Australia. ”

“We’ve worked with DRSSA to identify key people and programs, and have already started working directly with several sports.”

“As the governing body for wheelchair rugby in Australia, DSA is committed to the wheelchair rugby program and directly supports AAMI SA Sharks so they can take part in the 2019 Wheelchair Wheelchair National Championships in Sydney from June 28-30. This includes financial and logistical assistance, as well as planning further support to ensure the growth and future of sport in the CO. ”

“In April, the DSA held the Invacare National Carnival 2019 Invacare Aussie Rules at the St Clair Recreation Center in the CO in conjunction with SANFL. DSA will continue to work with SANFL and other key stakeholders in developing this exciting sports program in SA ”.

“It’s unfortunate that the team from Bowls SA was unable to participate in the 2019 Multi Disability Championships taking place this week in Mackay, Queensland. The offer of logistical support, unfortunately, cannot be used due to funding problems. The DSA continues to work with Bowls SA to help the bowlers in the future. ”

“At the request of the team’s management and with the consent of DRSSA, the DSA has taken on the direct support of the Adelaide Thunder basketball team, which participates in the National Wheelchair Basketball League.”

“DSA is also developing Race Running in SA and is working directly with Novita, Athletics SA and other stakeholders to develop and develop this new parathyroid discipline in SA for athletes with cerebral palsy and other more severe disorders.”

“Inclusive Sport SA is currently implementing a project that provides an overview of sustainable sports models for people with disabilities in SA. As a key stakeholder, DSA is working with project managers, BDO, on this important initiative funded by the SA government. ”

“We will work with the appointed DRSSA administrators to provide all possible assistance. Understandably, many people are concerned and we encourage any DRSSA members to contact Disability Sports Australia directly via info@sports.org.au.


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