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Disability Sports Australia begins providing Activate Inclusion Sports Days – Disability Sports Australia


This unique disability adaptation program has been conducted by Sport NSW with the financial support of Variety – The Children’s Charity NSW / ACT since 2016, serving more than 6,200 students aged 5 to 18 with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities across NSW.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, only one day could be held in Quinbeian with 132 students. The space with disabilities has been hit harder than most, and more participants are at risk because of their various immune problems.

Blacktown City Council spent the first day of 2021 at the Blacktown Leisure Center in Stanhope Gardens, with 232 registered participants booking a place to try out the adaptive versions:

AFL, basketball, cricket, football, netball and NRL

Disability Sports Australia in collaboration with Sports NSW has also included some new aspects in Activate Inclusion Sports Days to provide resilience for participants with physical, sensory or intellectual impairments.


This aspect of the day allows students to highlight the public sports club or social activity they are currently doing. It also allows them to inform Disability Sports Australia which public sports or public recreation programs they would like to try.


One of the main challenges for students with disabilities is the ability to participate on the same equal scores as their peers before or at school, many children get into school without taking part in any real physical activity. This leaves the child with less strength, balance, coordination and motor skills than their peers. Disability Sports Australia is now testing basic levels of physical literacy on these key features. We will then work with our research partners to gather data into statistical studies. We will then work with our partners in health, education, community and the public sector to enhance participation in early intervention spaces for young children.

Community and health partners:

Disability Sports Australia values ​​the Mable Community Partner and Healthstin Partner program, which can translate work through Activate Inclusion Sports Days for the wider community to achieve sustainable results to break down stereotypes about disability.

Schools, parents and guardians can register students by following the link below and selecting the event closest to them at NSW. Further days will be available in QLD, NT and VIC in 2021 before the expected national implementation of this program in collaboration with Variety Australia and Disability Sports Australia.


Contact for press release:

Murray Elburn is the CEO of Disability Sports Australia

Phone: 0427186734 – E-mail: Murray@sports.org.au


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