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Distraction of the driver is a question of the modern car


Distracting the driver – do modern information systems and car control systems help or hinder the distraction of the driver?

Modern cars have many ways to make information available to drivers, about car performance, entertainment capabilities or even inputs that will help in driving.

But excessive information or poorly conveyed information and actions can be distracting more than helpful

Overdrive only has a team to look constructively at how drivers interact with modern systems, and encourage best practices in future car designs.


Problems include:

Excessive information

Information that is not relevant to the immediate task of driving

Information that is difficult to read – some numbers and symbols on the car screen are equal to the bottom line of the eye chart

Characters who don’t usually understand

Information that may encourage more aggressive driving or

Simple tasks that require a few steps

All of this is part of what is more formally called the human-machine interface.

The team includes:

Engineer BE (Hons)

Traffic engineering, transport planning, policy development and behavior change

  • Michael Regan, Ph.D.

Honored Professor

Integrated Transport Innovation Research Center

NSW University, Sydney

Former President of the NRMA

CEO of Dyno Dynamics

  • Terry Thompson – OAM

President – Government. Motor Clubs Inc. Liaison Council.

Former employee of the security service of the Department of Railways

Research Fellow

We also talk to an expert in ergonomics not only from physical aspects such as setting up a driver’s seat, but also from a broader perspective of the emotional reactions you can create for a regular or infrequent car driver.

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