Josh Nevet

The trio of Craft-Bamboo Racing consisting of Daniel Hunkadela, Mara Engel and Kevin Jie did not regret it after the team did not reach the victory in 12 hours of Bathurst in less than 10 seconds.

The Mercedes-AMG № 91 players could smell victory in the air.

It proved successful as the team ran at the forefront for endurance periods before Engel in the final hours entered into a skirmish-like battle with race leader Jules Gunon.

Eventually, Engel failed to wind up on the SunEnergy1 Racing Mercedes-AMG, returning to second place with 8.707s.

However, the German was comfortable that he gave everything and left nothing in the tank.

“The last two and a half hours were basically two and a half hours in the top 10 shootings. I threw everything away, left nothing on the table, ”Engel said.

“What an amazing achievement for Mercedes-AMG to pass in this 1-2-3 race. This is a testament to the teams and drivers who did great, we didn’t necessarily have the fastest car this weekend, but we celebrate 1-2-3, which is absolutely fantastic.

“Many thanks to Mercedes-AMG and our teams.

“Personally for me it’s weird. This is my first podium here in Bathurst and I have tried so many times to win this race or even climb the podium.

“We are grateful, very happy to be on this podium, and congratulations to these guys (the winning team of the race), could not be happier for them and especially for Kenny (Habul).

“They deserve it, but I also think our team did a great job and these two guys are here for the first time in Bathurst, especially after they missed yesterday by missing a whole day of training.”

Teammate Engel Hunkadela showed that the unique pit stop strategy was planned in advance, and said he was proud of his teammates for overcoming the hardships of losing valuable time before the race to reach the podium.

“It’s been our strategy since Friday, and I’m very surprised we actually cheated someone with it,” Hunkadela said.

“It was great to see my parents back home, and friends at home writing to me, ‘What the hell are you guys doing, your strategy sucks.’

“We did what we had to do and we stood ahead, which was great.

“I raced with seven flying laps on the track, but the team gave us a great car, and my teammates did a great job.

“Honestly, a little disappointing, but I’m no less happy for these guys.”

When asked if he would return to the seventh start of the 12-hour Bathurst program in 2022, Engel was without a doubt.

“Yes, of course,” he concluded.

“Well, the good news is that now, I guess, only nine months, not as long as usual.”

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