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Dominic Perrottet and Karl Stefanovic battle it out for the NRL grand final


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has told Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic to return to Queensland after the pair met in a tense exchange.

Perotetto’s appearance on Thursday’s “Today” show comes amid a tumultuous period for his government as it deals with the fallout from the John Barillard scandal in New York trading, a damning flood inquiry report, rail union strikes and allegations of bullying and harassment in Parliament. of New Wales.

And things got awkward when Stefanovic and Perrotet flashed their maroon and blues colors after the Premier was teased about a potential NRL grand final loss to Queensland.

The rights to host the big dance remain in doubt after Wednesday night’s ARL marathon committee meeting failed to decide where the game will be played.

Rugby league chief Peter V’landis threatened to cancel the NSW fixture earlier this year after Mr Perrottet announced he was scrapping an $800 million plan to fund suburban stadiums because of the state’s flooding crisis.

Stefanovic was quick to remind Mr Perrotte of the precarious situation in New South Wales as soon as their interview began.

“Looks like you’re going to be the premier of New South Wales who lost the grand final to Queensland. I mean, how embarrassing the Prime Minister is, – he arrogantly quipped.

Camera iconTonight Show co-host Karl Stefanovic wasn’t afraid to tease the NSW Premier about the grand final. Today’s show credit: Delivered

But Mr Perrottet did not initially bite and reiterated his confidence that the NRL grand final would remain in NSW.

“Well Carl, the grand final has always been in NSW, except last year during the Covid. This is an institution in our state,” he said.

“Obviously we’ve been in talks with the NRL in terms of making sure the grand final stays in NSW, where it should stay.

“In the last four years, we have been through a very difficult time in our state with bushfires, droughts, floods and the pandemic … for me and the government, the priority is to get people back to their homes.

“If it comes at the expense of a grand final, it’s disappointing. It’s an NRL thing.”

But Stefanovic slowly recovered from the calm manner of the prime minister.

“It sounds like you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re going to lose him,” he said.

“When you lose a grand final, you lose everything.

“What’s happening in NSW?”

Eventually Mr Perrottet could take no more and lashed out at Stefanovic, suggesting the presenter leave New South Wales and head to his home state of Queensland.

Camera iconNSW Premier Dominic Perrotet eventually opened up to Stefanovic’s response. Today’s show credit: Delivered

“Well Carl, I know you’re from Queensland. If you think Queensland is so great, you can come back and live there,” he said.

The prime minister’s remark provoked a reaction from Stefanovich’s co-host, Ali Langdon.

“Now he’s running you out of state,” she exclaimed.

But Stefanovic kept his cool and even indicated that it might be a good idea.

“I might just have to do it,” he said.

“You and your government now have an absolute Barry Crocker.”

The interview quickly moved on to other questions, but Stefanovic went back and delivered another jab before the Prime Minister signed off.

“It’s good to have a chat with you about the NRL,” he said

“I look forward to speaking with you again when the Queensland result is known. I will be broadcasting live and exclusively from the best state.”

But Mr. Perrotte made sure he had the last laugh.

“We’ll see,” he said.

“Carl, I’m looking forward to returning to the show following the announcement that it’s staying in NSW.”

Camera iconThe couple seemed to take their heated exchange in good spirits. Today’s show credit: Delivered

Stefanovic continued to joke throughout the show after Mr Perrotte left, calling him a “nasty premier” and saying: “I like NSW, just not the government”.

But their heated exchange appeared to be in good spirits, with Mr Perrotte even offering to take Stefanovic on a “date” to see Beauty and the Beast at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre.


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