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Donnell Wallam scored a landmark winner on his Australian Diamonds debut


Donnell Wallam clinched victory on her Australian Diamonds debut in incredible fashion, scoring the winner with seconds on the clock.

The 28-year-old kicked off her international netball career by scoring her first goal seconds after entering the match before leading Australia to a narrow win over England on Wednesday night.

The upheaval in the Diamonds squad following their successful Constellation Cup series against New Zealand was not enough to give the 28-year-old a place in the starting seven after being named in the side on Tuesday.

The 22-year wait to see a First Nations woman take the court for the national team threatened to extend into Sunday’s match in Sydney with Australian coach Stacey Marinkovic favoring Sophie Garbin as the shooter to open the match.

The decision was made all the more puzzling after a week of waiting for Wallam to get his Test debut in Newcastle for the first of three Tests against the Roses.

Nervous anticipation followed Garbin’s excellent start to the first quarter as the cameras periodically panned to Valam on the bench.

The sides went into the first break tied 14-14, with Australia trailing by a point at the break ahead of a back-and-forth third leg.

The Newcastle crowd erupted when Wallam scored midway through the last quarter.

Wallam scored her second goal with a signature layup shot in a nod to her basketball background.

With each point, the noise in the stands grew louder as Australia fought back from the momentum and maintained a small buffer over the visitors.

England leveled with 38 seconds on the clock before the moment fell on Wallam’s shoulders and the fairytale came true.

Wallam threw with stunning accuracy, none more so than when the ball came to her a meter away in the dying moments.

With the tension on a knife edge, Wallam again sank a layup in unbelievable scenes as Australia won 55-54.

The entire Australian side embraced her as the clock ticked.

Speaking after the match, Wallam was on hand to discuss her performance before giving an emotional insight into what has been a tough few weeks.

“I was relieved to finally get my chance on the court,” she said.

“It’s been one of the hardest weeks of my life, so to finally get out and just play in that dress was really special, and it makes the last couple of weeks feel like a blur.

“And I just hope that now I’m a role model for young girls and guys coming up. It’s been a long time coming, so I hope I’ve made everyone proud.”

Wallam thanked her teammates and the public for their support during the trying period.

Australia take on England in the second Test in Sydney on Sunday night.


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