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Don’t get caught up in flood recovery scams


Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinas said previous natural disasters had seen fraudsters engage in fraudulent behavior such as setting up fake charities or tearing off flood victims through cunning repairs.

“The behavior of these fraudsters, who seek to profit from the mental breakdown of other people, is condemnable, and we must do everything possible to catch them and face the full force of the law,” said Ms. Petinas.

“As we begin the phase of cleansing and recovery, residents of the North River region affected by the floods should be wary of unlicensed fraudsters trying to thwart them.

“If they swear at people or behave intimidatingly or threateningly to try to get a quote, they need to be asked to leave. If they refuse, contact the police.

“NSW Fair Trading plans to have investigators and inspectors on the ground in flood-affected areas to ensure the protection of residents.

“If those who want to donate want their money to go to legitimate individuals or organizations, they should go to the NSW Service website and check to see if it has a license to donate to charity.”

Data from the website of the Australian Competition and Consumer Competition Scamwatch showed that in 2021 in New Wales 92,117 frauds were registered and the amount of loss reached 110,080,190 dollars.

Learn how to check merchant license details

File a complaint online at NSW Fair Trading or call 13 32 20.

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