Home Technology Downsizer.com wants to help an entire generation stop worrying and start living.

Downsizer.com wants to help an entire generation stop worrying and start living.


Proposed changes to the rules of pension provision reducer The contribution – announced on Sunday by Prime Minister Morrison and backed by opposition leader Albanese – will be of great importance in this proptech mission.

Suitability age for reducer as of July 1, the contribution has already been reduced from 65 to 60. It is now proposed to reduce the age to 55 again with a two-year exemption from Centrelink asset verification by age.

An old-age pension is granted to persons who have reached the age of 67 when born in 1957.

The retirement benefit rule allows those entitled to redundancies, and their life partner, each to invest up to $ 300,000 in retirement, so that’s potentially $ 600,000 per couple. Recent research published by Downsizer.com in the issue of Downsizer Download 1 shows that this can have a very significant impact on retirement income.

“In reducer Contribution is already the best secret to retirement, “said Mark McDuffie, co-founder and MD at Downsizer.com.” These proposed changes make it even better. It’s fairer for couples with age differences and also gives people more flexibility. to spend or give away their released funds before falling under the rules of old-age pension ”.

“Ideally people should think about reducing numbers in the late 50s or early 60s so they can tune themselves in to enjoy the new golden decades of life in the 60s and 70s. The proposed changes will encourage more baby boomers and Generation X to start living their dream, ”says McDuffie.


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