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Duracell is developing a battery saving calculator


Duracell subsidiary Procell developed a cost calculator to help Australian businesses identify hidden costs as well as the environmental impact associated with battery replacement.

The new tool uses Australian-specific data to help businesses identify the right batteries to save them thousands of dollars a year.

Duracell estimates that some sectors, such as hospitality, can save up to 44% on their battery costs by simply choosing the right battery.

The cost-saving calculator will be presented at the Total Facilities 2022 facility management conference this week.

Duracell B2B senior director Jane Law said the purpose of the calculator is to help inform Australian businesses that different devices have different battery needs. She said high-frequency devices with high performance, such as those that work with motors or mechanisms, have very different needs compared to devices with intermittent low-flow, such as those used in glucometers.

“In today’s highly automated, up-to-date business environment, the smooth running of companies depends heavily on battery-powered devices. As a result, business costs for battery replacement have increased, ”Lo said.

“Batteries play an important role in the overall safety, performance and reliability of many devices in hospitality, security or medical facilities. Whether it’s buying batteries for remote controls, smoke alarms or disinfectant dispensers, we want to help businesses explore ways to improve efficiency by replacing batteries less and saving more. ”

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