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Duterte criticizes attacks on civilians in Ukraine


On May 23, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte criticized the killing of civilians in Ukraine, describing Russia’s invasion as “a war against a sovereign nation.” In a televised speech Monday, Duterte called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to curb his soldiers in Ukraine, who he said were “out of control, killing”, according to a translation of his statement by Rappler. “I would ask Putin to listen to me, because President Putin is in control of everything,” he said in English, describing the Russian president as a “friend.” Addressing the Russian embassy, ​​he said he had a “moral duty” to protect innocent civilians, children and the elderly. Duterte also criticized the invasion, saying the move was “not a special military operation” but “a war against a sovereign nation.” “You have to resolve the war between Ukraine and Russia before we can talk about a return to normal life,” he said in connection with rising oil and gas prices. Credit: Radio Television Malakanang via Storyful


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