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Eat Out Restaurant Review: Chu’s Bakery in Highgate Serves Perth’s Best Avavo on Toast


What do Billie Eilish, North Street cinnamon rolls and Chu’s Bakery have in common?

That’s all Perth residents were willing to buy in line last week.

While Billie certainly attracted the most impressive lines, with youngsters camping out overnight to watch the star, the crowds on North Street that were gathering as I drove past on the weekend were nothing to scoff at.

There was also no 30 minute line we had to wait outside Chu Bakery.

If you haven’t been to Chu, as one of our dining companions hasn’t been, we’ve described it as a place you’re willing to wait half an hour to try.

The small, tiny bakery, which only seats six people at a time, has takeaway toasties, a range of coffee options, some of the best breads in Perth and a cupboard of delicious sweets, cakes, scones and toast.

Camera iconChu Bakery: Avo Toast ($9). credit: Jade Jurevich
Chu's Bakery: Ham and Cheese Toast ($9.20).
Camera iconChu’s Bakery: Ham and Cheese Toast ($9.20). credit: Jade Jurevich
Egg Curry with Cucumber ($9).
Camera iconEgg Curry with Cucumber ($9). credit: Jade Jurevich

To Remember: His Iced Malt Chok ($5.20) tastes like a cold chocolate drink with the amount of sweetness your parents would scold you for. The Oat Milk Iced Matcha ($6.50) is also refreshing and not too bitter as it often is.

We picked out many bites of Chu’s savory and sweet treats to eat on the picnic blankets in Hyde Park across the street.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it for decades to come, his avo toast with whipped feta, sriracha and seeds is the best in Perth for value as well as taste.

Although I rarely venture into this option of toast, the Curry Egg with Cucumber ($9) was another delicious option with plenty of smooth and subtle curry egg. The cucumber looked nice on top, but biting it was impractical.

The ham and cheese toastie ($9.20) was a winning riff on the classic brekkie with their premium sourdough, plenty of ham and cheese, and a layer of mustard.

Chu Bakery: Apple Tea Cake ($9.50) and puff pastry
Camera iconChu Bakery: Apple Tea Cake ($9.50) and Earl Gray Puff ($8.50). credit: Jade Jurevich
Chu Bakery: Raspberry Croissant ($6.80).
Camera iconChu Bakery: Raspberry Croissant ($6.80). credit: Jade Jurevich

As for sweets, the Apple Tea Cake ($9.50) was the best of the bunch.

Not only did it look perfect, but the filling of tea caramel, vanilla poached apple, vanilla chantilly and cream inside the puff pastry layered together to provide all the right hints of tea, sweetness with lots of textures.

The earl gray pouf ($8.50), filled with orange confit and earl gray crème chantilly and diplomate (a thicker cream that holds its shape), was equally aesthetically pleasing. It was once again a testament to the incredible and creative talent in the kitchen, all the unique flavors coming together beautifully.

Finally, the Raspberry Croissant ($6.80) was expertly flaky and buttery, filled with fresh and tart raspberry jam and custard.

Chu Bakery is an institution for a reason, so this review could have been 1/20 and it will still have a 30 minute line every weekend for the rest of the year.

Chu Bakery

WHERE: 498 William Street, Highgate

OPEN: Tuesday-Sunday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m

CONTACT: 0422 248 674


JUDGMENT: With some of the tastiest baked goods in Perth, especially the avo toast, it’s worth the wait. Better yet, come during the week so you don’t have to wait and enjoy a sweet or savory option and a great coffee on the grass in Hyde Park.



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