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Election 2022: Adam Bandt reveals a suspended wish list to the Greens


The Greens have reaffirmed their wish list for the likely event that Labor will come in search of a deal if they fail to form a majority government.

The Greens will demand that Labor address the climate crisis and the cost of living and raise taxes on billionaires and big business if they want to form a minority government.

With some polls hinting that Labor may not get 76 seats next Saturday, Green leader Adam Bandt has prepared a “balance sheet shortlist” consisting of seven demands for the opposition if they do not form a majority.

Mr Bandt is using the official Greens campaign in Brisbane on Monday – where the second party is rapidly gaining momentum for three key downtown locations – to advance his plan: no new coal and gas, dental and mental health at Medicare, building one million affordable homes and better tenant rights, free child care, erasing student debt, withdrawing income support and promoting all elements of the Uluru Statement from the heart.

He will propose revenue proposals, including ensuring that billionaires and large corporations pay a fair share of taxes to pay for policies that Mr Bandt believes Labor will support.

“In the balance of power, the Greens are expelling the Liberals and will seek immediate action on the climate crisis, the cost of living crisis and justice for the people of the first nations,” Mr Bandt said in a speech.

“Voters deserve to know what will be at the negotiating table. Sure, we want all our policies to be followed, but they will be at the top of the list.

“The Greens are kicking out liberals and fighting the climate crisis by shutting down new coal and gas mines, and we will address the rising cost of living by receiving health care, building affordable housing and making childcare free.

“This election has become a narrow competition between the monstrous government that has to go and the ruthless opposition that continues to agree with them. The Greens will expel the Liberals and support Labor. “

Opposition leader Anthony Albanez has repeatedly refused to reach an agreement with the Greens, but could not answer what his party will do if it falls short of the 76 seats needed to form a government on its own.

But, according to the latest Newspoll, 11% of voters intend to prefer the green first. For comparison, the poll suggests that Labor expects to get 38% of the vote in the primary election against 35 LDLs.

In total, at least 27 percent of voters intend to vote for an independent or minor party as the first preference.

The Greens achieved a balance of power during the Gillard years, with the result that the second party received $ 13 billion in investments in clean energy and dental services at Medicare for children.

They believe that Mr. Albanese will have no choice but to negotiate with them on the adoption of legislation in the event that Labor gets a minority government.

Mr Bandt says all seven policies have been valued at a total cost of $ 173 billion, but the tax plans will bring in $ 182 billion in revenue and the budget will have net savings of $ 9.7 billion.

Originally published as Adam Bandt reveals the Greens ’wish list for work in the event of a suspension of Parliament


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