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Electric vs diesel. A tale of two cars


Electric vs. Diesel – With the constant push for electrified vehicles, it’s often best to sit back and ask yourself if buying an electric car fits your lifestyle.

I have always been a fan of the fact that a car brings its owner freedom, convenience and pleasure. It is an extension of your lifestyle.

Now not everyone agrees with me, many are more pragmatic and the car is just a means of transportation.


There are big differences between the selection of cars available. This was clearly demonstrated by the two cars we had last week. One was a pure electric sedan, the other a diesel SUV.

Both were exceptionally comfortable to drive with the usual luxury, comfort and safety features. But both served completely different purposes.

The electric car had a range of about 400 km, which lasted several days around town, after which we had to find an available public fast charger or charge at home. The first proved difficult to find free or working. The second option took a lot of time. We had to plan our lives around charging the car.

The other SUV had a range of about 1300km and an economy of about 7.0L/100K.When I needed gas, I just pulled into a gas station. Five minutes later I was on my way again for another 1,300 km. Refueling the car fit into our lifestyle

Regardless of what the government or manufacturers insist, I believe you should always buy a car that fits your lifestyle?

It’s a minute’s drive

I’m Rob Fraser

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