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Electronic recipes are distributed in the capital Sydney


Five million Sydney residents will soon have access to electronic prescriptions, including communities from Hornsby County in the north, to Campbelltown City in the south and Penrith City in the west. This follows from a deployment across Victoria in September.

If the patient wants to receive an electronic prescription from their doctor instead of a paper one, the doctor selects this option in his software when creating the prescription, and the patient will immediately receive an SMS or email.

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The patient then sends or picks it up at your chosen pharmacy.

An SMS or email contains a QR code “token” that unlocks an electronic prescription from a secure, encrypted electronic prescription delivery service. After the scan, the marker allows the pharmacist to view the prescription and dispense the medication.

Australian Digital Health Agency Director-General Amanda Cattermole said: “Since their first availability in May, there has been a significant proliferation of e-prescriptions; since then, patients have received nearly 400,000 e-prescriptions. ”

Victoria already has access to electronic prescriptions, and Sydney will be released this month, followed by a gradual expansion to the rest of Australia.

To prepare for e-prescriptions, more than 13,000 health care providers participated in online trainings and educational sessions conducted by the Agency. Additional support and advice was provided by clinical peak bodies, including the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. (PSA). Software vendors have also conducted workshops for their professional clients.

This collaboration means that when e-prescriptions are available in your community, doctors and pharmacists will be prepared and able to support their patients.

West Sydney Pharmacy owner and NSW Pharmacy Guild and National Adviser Catherine Bronger said: “Community pharmacies across Sydney are working to update the release software and review the pharmacy’s workflow to prepare for e-prescriptions. The guild is looking forward to further releases of e-prescription features that provide more convenience to patients, especially those taking multiple medications. ”

Future software improvements in 2020 include the Active Script List (ASL), which is a token management solution. An alternative to paper recipes are electronic recipes. People should check to see if their pharmacy is ready to issue e-prescriptions before requesting an e-prescription from their doctor.

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