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Eli Carpenter was injured in the final of the 2022 Women’s Champions League


On a hot night at Juventus, Henry brought Lyon forward with a stunning shot in the sixth minute, winning the ball and cutting through her right leg before launching a rocket from a distance into the top corner.

Hegerberg added a second, scoring with a header on the 23rd, and then the Norwegian striker picked up Catherine Macario to score the third in Lyon 10 minutes later, when the Spaniards, who lost only once a season, looked a shadow of themselves.

In the celebration after the match Eli Carpenter is assisted by teammate Damaris Egurrola.Credit:Getty Images

Alexia Putelas played one goal for Barça before the break, and in the second half they went out of their way, forcing Lyon, but with all their might, to make the most of their chances.

Patricia Gihara stunned the central circle with a stunning throw back from the bar, and to replace Ana-Maria Crnogortsevich paved a volley past the gate.

Having a lot of experience in his team, Lyon managed to do everything possible to reduce the pace of the game, and the tired Hegerberg almost added a second in stoppage time by hitting the ball into the near post.


The final whistle announced Lyon’s eighth victory in the competition after the last success in 2020, when the French team Wendy Renard lifted the trophy, and fireworks exploded behind him.

With the club’s official Twitter account quickly welcoming the Champions League trophy at home, Lyon coach Sonia Bompostar went down in history as the first to win the competition both as a player and as a coach.

“Barcelona was incredible. But I am very happy that we were able to start the game so well, and to score these three goals in the first half really helped, ”said Macario.

“I think it just came out, we were the team that came out the most today and we had the most experience. So, fortunately, we were able to come out on top, ”she added.

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