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Elon Musk says the Twitter deal “can’t move forward” until the figures are proven


The battle for the boots became a stone of comment for Mask, who spoke at a technology conference in Miami on Monday, fake users accounted for at least 20 percent of all Twitter accounts, possibly up to 90 percent. Twitter regularly states in its quarterly results that the average number of fake or spam accounts “represented less than 5 percent of our monthly daily active users for the quarter,” adding that it applied “significant judgment” to its estimate, and the true number could be above.

The Twitter board announced that they unanimously supported the deal. Credit:AP

Musk encouraged Twitter users to conduct their own tests for bots, using crowdsourcing to calculate whether they make up less than 5 percent of the service. Responding to Mask’s allegations, Agraval published a long topic outlining his company’s methodology. Musk responded first by asking why Twitter didn’t just call users to confirm their identity and then posted emoticons.

The proposed takeover includes a $ 1 billion gap fee for each of the parties, which Musk will have to pay if he completes the deal or does not allocate funding for the acquisition, as promised. It is unclear whether the number of fake accounts will be updated on Twitter – if they are significantly more than 5 percent – the so-called disclosure of significant adverse effects, exempting Mask from the break-up fee.

The latest flurry of tweets from the world’s richest man is another twist in Mask’s attempt to seize the microblogging site. A prolific user with more than 90 million followers, he showed a stake in the company of more than 9 percent last month and then launched an unwanted takeover bid – with no detailed funding plans – all in a matter of weeks.


Last week, Musk sparked a potential crack in the deal when he tweeted that his offer to buy Twitter was “Temporarily on hold” until he gets more information about the share of fake accounts. About two hours later, Musk said in another Twitter that he was “still committed” to the deal.


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