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Endeavor Group announces the winners of the “Supplier of the Year” award.


Major supplier of the year, Accolade Wines.

At a gala ceremony in Melbourne, Endeavor Group announced the winners of its inaugural Supplier of the Year award program, which was attended by more than 500 suppliers.

“The caliber of winners in a wide range of areas, including sustainability, product development and brand activation, reflects the innovative and creative spirit of the broad beverage industry,” said Tim Carroll, Endeavor Group Director of Purchasing and Merchandising.

“After a two-year break, it was fantastic to see our supply partners in person. We are already planning an event for next year and can’t wait to do it all again. “

The Endeavor Supplier of the Year award ceremony took place at Timber Yard in Port Melbourne, where guests mingled while enjoying food, cocktails inspired by iconic ALH hotels across the country, and soft drinks from ZERO% pop Dana. up bar.

The host of the evening was the artist Tim Campbell, and the ceremony was opened and closed by Tim Carroll and the head and CEO of Endeavor Group Steve Donahue.

“Our success as a business depends on the excellent products that manufacturers across the country create and supply to us, and our Supplier of the Year award is a great way to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our esteemed supply partners,” Carol said. .

Winners of the Endeavor Group Supplier of the Year 2022 award.

Sustainable Development Award
Winner: Young Henrys for the microalgae project
This award recognizes a provider based on sustainability. Young Henry in collaboration with climate change scientists from UTS has developed a bioreactor with microalgae that consumes CO2 in the brewing process and produces fresh oxygen. Craft Brewery also distributes spent grain with added algae to farms as feed for cattle, which reduces methane belching and flatulence, which also leads to reduced emissions. Young Henrys has proven that they have gone above and beyond innovation to research to create a more sustainable future for our industry.

A productive innovation of the year
Winner: Suntory of -196 Double Lemon
Verdict: This award marks an innovative product, and Suntory has developed an entirely new beverage by creating and using cutting-edge technology that has become the best-selling NPD in Endeavor Group stores over the Christmas season. Suntory superfreezes and grinds whole lemons at -196 degrees, making citrus freeze-dried and ground into a powder. Then the powder of whole lemon is mixed with shocha, vodka and soda, resulting in an innovative spicy, refreshing drink with low sugar content.

Award for cooperation
Winner: Brick Lane Brewing Co
Verdict: This award recognizes the true value of collaboration and Brick Lane Brewing Co. Our judges were impressed with the Brick Lane team and their continued excellent response to joint projects, partnering on a number of strategic priorities and using their flexibility to develop products and solutions. This partnership makes it very enjoyable for the Endeavor Group to work with Brick Lane, and what we are achieving together is a testament to that.

The best brand activation of the year
Winner: Mighty Craft with the best beer
Verdict: This award recognizes a provider who has achieved outstanding brand activation on our channels. For the first time in digital format, the social media-focused approach to launching Better Beer from Mighty Craft has made this brand “more than life” in record time. Better Beer is the brainchild of the influential social network The Inspired Unemployed, which has more than 2.5 million loyal subscribers, and the duo has partnered with the Endeavor Group to create content for digital and social media platforms to support the launch. This activation has led to the launch of the largest new beer brand in the Endeavor Group since 2014.

Little supplier of the year, Billson’s.

Supply Chain Award
Winner: Accolade Wines
Verdict: This award recognizes a supplier who has demonstrated dexterity and ability to solve problems and innovate in partnership with us throughout the supply chain. As never before, 2021 has drawn attention to supply chain management. By strengthening resilience in the supply chain and collaborating with us on examples such as effort, Accolade has demonstrated a great ability to sustain, adapt and transform in the face of change.

Leader of the trend of the year
Winner: Basic Brands & Co
Verdict: This award recognizes a true industry leader who demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit to trends. Basic Brands & Co has highlighted its innovative Boxtails range in response to the growing trend of homemade cocktails. Boxtails not only helped change the mentality of customers regarding products in barrels, but also pre-steamed cocktails are 99 percent sugar-free, made from real juice, with less alcohol and come in 100 percent processed.

Team of the Year account
Winner: Carlton & United Breweries
Verdict: This award recognizes a team of accounts that has proven collaboration experience, a commitment to meeting customer needs and indicators that demonstrate the value of the partnership. The CUB account team has demonstrated exceptional ways of working, striving to understand our business, complex problems and work out best-in-class solutions so as not to complicate complex ones.

Digital Partner of the Year
Winner: Diageo Australia
Verdict: This award honors a provider who leverages best practices through their understanding of the e-commerce world. Diageo Australia is consistently approaching companies with a focus on digital technology, and as a result has an excellent digital presence in the Endeavor Group. We commend Diageo Australia for its proactive approach and knowledge of what experience our customers are looking for when they interact with our digital platforms.

Local product of the year
Winner: Billson’s vodka from the portal
Verdict: This award recognizes an outstanding Australian product that resonates with our customers and communities. Billson’s vodka with partello is an exciting drink that captures the hearts of our customers. Billson’s team has invested heavily in the brand as well as in the town of Beachworth, Victoria, creating jobs through infrastructure to support large-scale production, as well as the excellent hospitality opportunities available locally and in the city. They really embody what it takes to become a Local Product Award winner.

Exclusive product of the year
Winner: best beer
Verdict: This award celebrates a successful exclusive product that meets the needs of customers. Consumers are constantly looking for options that are best for them, including foods with fewer carbs and calories, and Mighty Craft has noticed a significant gap in the beer category for zero-carb, low-calorie, low-calorie beers. Better Beer has been the largest new beer brand since 2014 and was sold out in many stores just three days after launch.

Small supplier of the year
Winner: Billson’s
Verdict: We are very proud to recognize Billson as our Small Supplier of the Year in 2021, and look forward to seeing what will be from a brand that has inspired customer loyalty from the beginning. We often hear that Billson’s team is confident that they have not yet created their best taste, and with the way Fruit Tangle and Fairy Floss are responding to our customers, we look forward to what awaits us in the future!

Major supplier of the year
Winner: Accolade Wines
Verdict: As an iconic award of the program, this award honors an exemplary partner who has achieved more than expected as a result of their teamwork and shared values. Accolade Wines is collaborating with the Endeavor Group on strategic initiatives to innovate in the wine category, including exploring new formats, brands, premium customers and digital companies to meet changing customer needs.


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