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Erin Holland, a former Miss World of Australia, discovers that her heart is broken by IVF


Erin Holland spoke about her struggle to start a family, showing that she remained “physically broken.”

The former Miss World Australia posted a sincere and emotional post on Instagram, in which she said in detail that “the only real option to have a child for me is IVF.”

As a person who just wanted to freeze embryos until the time came, I was faced with a confusing sense of losing any “normality” of the process, feeling that the universe was telling me I wasn’t “Exactly being a mother, feeling guilty that he summed up Ben, thoughts of “but I’m even ready,” a feeling of physical brokenness, “she shared.

The 33-year-old sports presenter said she and her husband – cricketer Ben Kutting – learned on Tuesday that their first round of in vitro fertilization “did not lead to anything viable”.

“Feelings of failure prevail. It is damage to the soul and body, injections, cost – but I am very grateful to modern medicine, “she said.

“It will take a village to create this child, let alone raise it.

“The fact that IVF is even possible strikes me. I know this is just the beginning of this journey and I thought to share it only when it ends, if ever.

“But maybe that’s not the point – all I did was look for information / podcasts / real accounts from others going through it.

“And here we are. I hear, see and feel everyone in such a boat. “

Camera iconErin Holland. Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage
Erin Holland and Ben Cutting.
Camera iconErin Holland and Ben Cutting. Credit: @erinvholland / Instagram/@erinvholland / Instagram

After working both in Australia and abroad, the Netherlands gained a strong number of fans on social networks – 511,000 people.

And her friends hastened to express their support for the barrage of messages from the TV talent, which many remember participating in the SAS Australia 2021 season.

Bachelor star Brittany Hockley sent her “a lot of love”, and actress Sylvia Coloca said: “Dear Erin, I’m in pain for you and I want to be able to hug you right now. I’m sorry the road has to be so winding. But your village will keep you. “

Erin Holland.
Camera iconErin Holland. Credit: unknown/supplied
Erin Holland at SAS Australia
Camera iconErin Holland at SAS Australia Credit: Remco Jansen

In February 2021, Holland and Cutting played a balance at a chic ceremony in Byron Bay.

The couple was forced to re-tune their wedding day twice because of COVID, but the Channel 7 presenter and her handsome cricket finally had to say “I did” in a stellar novel.

“It was a long way to this point where we could safely keep our friends and family under one roof,” Holland said at the time.


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