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Essendon Bombers vs. Hawthorn Hawks odds, tips, predictions and teams – AFL 2022


Marvel Stadium will host Saturday’s 8th round AFL game between Essendon Bombers and Hawthorn Hawks. The game starts at 19:25, and the Hawthorn Hawks will come into play as favorites with the bookmakers. Continue reading our detailed preview of the game Essendon Bombers Vs. Hawthorn Hawks and give you our free tips and bets.

When: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 7:25 p.m.

Where: Marvel Stadium

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Esendan Bombers vs. Hawthorn Hawks Odds

Preview Essendon Bombers vs. Hawthorn Hawks

A hacking game to start Sunday arvo footy with the Bombers, taking the Hawks to MCG.

The two teams hate each other, and Hawthorn would like nothing more than to push Esendan while they are able.

the hawthorn has been quite a surprise this season and is playing some lovely feet.

In the form you have to tip Hawthorn here, they play well foot and deserve to be favorites here.

Update rates:

The generals want only the Hawks in this game, and Essend drifting $ 2.30 with an online bookmaker Ladbrokes.

The hawks opened for $ 1.70, now they’re in $ 1.64 and will start this game as favorites.

The first scorer

First scoring author:

Jack Gunston y $ 8.50.

Essendon Bombers vs. Hawthorn Hawks Teams


B: J. Laverde, J. Kelly, M. Redman

HB: N. Hind, J. Ridley, D. Heppel

C: D. Schill, D. Parish, T. Cutler

HF: M. Guelfi, A. Waterman, N. Martin

F: N. Bryan, P. Wright, A. Perkins

FOLL: S. Draper, Z. Meret, A. McGrath

I / C: Z. Reid, J. Caldwell, B. Hobbs, S. Durham

EMG: B. Zerk-Thatcher, B. Ham, K. Baldwin, A. Francis

In: N. Hind, N. Bryan

EXITS: J. Stringer, N. Cox (both wounded), K. Baldwin (omitted)


B: J. Scrimshaw, S. Frost, L. Bramble

HB: W. Day, J. Sicily, B. Hardwick

C: J. Impie, T. Mitchell, K. Wingard

HF: F. Magines, J. Kashytske, D. Moore

F: J. O’Meara, J. Callow, L. Breust

FOL: M. Lynch, J. Newcomb, J. Ward

I / C: J. Warpel, H. Morrison, J. Gunston, D. Grainger-Barras

EMG: D. Howe, K. Nash, K. MacDonald, L. Shields

In: J. Ward, H. Morrison, D. Granger-Barras

EXITS: L. Shields, K. Nash, K. MacDonald (all survived), D. Howe (spare)


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