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European Union: Athletics beat Real Madrid to raise hopes for Champions League | European club football


Janik Karaska earned a penalty in the first half Athletics Madrid a 1-0 victory in a fiery derby against Real Madrid on Sunday when the hosts tightened their grip for a place in next season’s Champions League.

Athletics, which welcomed the newcomer La Liga champions Wanda Metropolitan without the traditional honor guard came out with high pressure as Angel Correa and Carrasco had two great chances to open the scoring in the first 10 minutes.

Carrasca gave the home side the lead 40 minutes into the match, following a penalty awarded after a VAR foul on Mateus Cuny.

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That goal brought Carlo Ancelotti’s team to life, despite several players resting after Real won their 35th league title last weekend and several powerful shots threatening Jan Cloud’s goal before the break.

The Slovenian national team made another great save a few minutes before regular time to prevent Mark Asensio’s attempt to equalize with a low free kick.

Diego Simeone’s charges remain fourth with 64 points, six ahead of Real Betis in fifth place, with three games left. The top four qualifies for the Champions League next season.

Sandra Tonali’s double has moved Milan one step closer to their first Serie A title in 11 years after they regained first place with a 3-1 victory Greece Verona on Sunday.

After the Internazionale temporarily moved to first place in the standings, winning 4-2, the pressure was on the side of Stefano Pioli, and the triumph over Verona, which took ninth place, moved them two points from the top behind two games to the end.

Milan dominated in the early stages and had several chances to score, but the first blood “Verona” took in the 38th minute, when a penetrating pass found Darko Lazavic, whose canopy was scored by his defender David Farooni.

But “Milan” refused to concede, and immediately after the break Rafael Leoo, who caught fire after receiving a yellow card, danced in the penalty area and cut the ball to Tonali scored from the stop.

Sandra Tonali welcomes Milan fans Photo: Filippo Venezia / EPA

The pair reunited four minutes after a break in Milan’s counterattack, and lightning-fast Leoo slipped past Verona’s reverse defense before his low pass was turned into an empty goal by Tonale.

Alessandro Florence, who came on as a substitute, scored all three points when the defender found a place to run into the penalty area, and took a half-volley past the goalkeeper in the bottom corner.


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