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Even more rains will exacerbate flood tests in New Wales


Already flooded parts of the New Southeast are facing the prospect of further heavy rain, which could cause new floods as cleaning continues in the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that more rain, possible thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are expected in areas stretching from Hunter to the Central Plateau and down the south coast.

Western Sydney is also expecting heavy rains, in the Hawkesbury-Nepian Valley may return moderate to major floods.

In some areas, up to 140 mm of rain can fall in six hours, and dangerous floods can occur.

Six deaths have been confirmed in New Wales, four of them in Lismore as a result of a flood that began more than a week ago.

State and federation leaders have promised more aid and financial aid as some affected areas begin lengthy clean-ups and others remain under water.

NSW Flood Recovery Minister Steph Cook and Deputy Prime Minister Paul Tull visited areas affected by the floods Sunday morning.

In Koraki, on the Richmond and Wilson rivers south of Lismore in the North Rivers, the local police station was one of many buildings flooded when the city was flooded and cut off from surrounding areas.

As the water recedes, a damage assessment is now being conducted.

“Nobody expected that”

NSW Coraki Police Sergeant Dean Childs says the city had little chance of preparing for the flood.

“It happened so fast and no one expected it to be so high,” Sergeant Childs said.

With a small number of emergency personnel in Karaki, community members also had to intervene.

“To have a flood of this size and have an SES in such a small town is a smaller SES, so we only have a certain number of boats, so all these locals are jumping on their ships to try to save people too,” Sergeant Childs said.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet on Saturday promised that his government would not “spare a single dollar” to fund the restoration.

“After all that we have experienced as a state over the past few years, I know that we will pass it, no matter how difficult it may seem,” said the prime minister.

Insurance claims reached about $ 1.25 billion by the end of Friday, with the lion’s share – $ 1 billion – filed from Queensland, the Australian Insurance Council said.

Meanwhile, the federal government has expanded the number of local governments that can access one-time disaster relief payments to $ 1,000 for adults.

“We continue to keep a close eye on the flood emergency, and our hearts are sincere to those whose lives have been devastated,” said Federal Emergency Situations Minister Bridget Mackenzie.


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