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Federal Election 2022: Anthony Albanese puts on the ice a plan for paid childcare leave, citing trillions of dollars in debt


Anthony Albanese says the party has failed to pursue a policy of increasing paid childcare leave before the election because if Labor wins the government, they will inherit a trillion-dollar debt.

Last year, Labor’s national platform included a “goal” to increase the existing leave program to 26 weeks, and Mr Albanese gave an interview at a time when he said the party would “consult” on the issue if they win the government.

However, The West Australian revealed on Thursday that Labor has since confirmed that they do not accept childcare leave policies in elections.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to an oil refinery in Gladstone in Central Queensland, Mr Albanez said the party could not afford to do whatever it wanted.

“If we succeed, we will inherit a debt of $ 1 trillion,” he said.

“We have said that we will make a clear commitment to things that we are absolutely sure can be delivered.

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“Can we undo the 10-year damage with this government? Ten years of damage in one year, the first day? No, we can’t. “


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