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Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. is on track for a confident victory


Attempts continue to disqualify him on the basis of a 1997 conviction for failure to file tax returns, and COMELEC will announce a decision on its latest application on Tuesday. But as they continue to fail, Marcos heads for a strange return to Malakanang, the presidential palace that was occupied by his parents Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Imelda for 21 years, until the former was expelled in a 1986 popular uprising.

When devotees Marcos and Sarah Duterte began celebrating near their campaign headquarters in Manila on Monday night, Marcos said he was waiting for the final vote count, but thanked supporters.

Marcos with a small loss lost to Leni Robredo in the 2016 vice presidential race.Credit:Getty Images

“If I win, I expect your help and trust not to fade. We have a lot to do for our future, ”he said.

Election day in the Philippines was previously affected by faulty counting machines in some polling stations, when tens of millions of voters came to polling stations in schools.

Marcos himself voted at the Marian Marcos Memorial Primary School, named after his grandfather, in his hometown of Batak in the northern province of Ilakas.

Among his supporters were Gray DeAssis, an online casino retailer, and her mother Maria Leanara, a housewife who cast their votes in the Tonda district of Manila, an area involved in the deadly drug war waged by Duterte, whose constitutionally limited sole six-year presidential the deadline ends next month.

Sarah Duterte was a presidential candidate before deciding to run for vice president.

Sarah Duterte was a presidential candidate before deciding to run for vice president.Credit:Bloomberg

They live with another family in a 42-square-meter apartment building in a poor area of ​​the capital that was built when Marcos Sr. ruled the country under martial law.

His brutal dictatorship was marred by human rights abuses such as torture, murder and enforced disappearances, as well as the looting of up to $ 10 billion ($ 14 billion) in public funds.

Critics have condemned disinformation networks on social media, which they say glorified his legacy. However successful they may be, the results also reflect the wider frustration in the post-Marcos government efforts with elites.

Maria Leonara, a housewife, said she remembers the martial law as a time in Philippine history when caring for the poor and “everything was more disciplined”.

People stand in line to vote at a school used as a polling station in the Tonda district of Manila.

People stand in line to vote at a school used as a polling station in the Tonda district of Manila.Credit:AP

“Life was better then,” she said. “After 36 years [since Marcos snr ruled] nothing happened. “

In a country where 23 percent of people are classified as poor, her daughter Cherry hopes Marcos Jr. rules like his father: “He is a far-sighted man,” she said. “Usually people like me inherit part of our mom’s character. So we believe that Bongbong Marcos inherits part of his parents. “

In the more affluent Makati in central Manila, Helen Austria, the building administrator in Makati, said she supports Marcos because he is at the same point as Sarah Duterte.

Preliminary counts show that Marcos will avenge the loss of Rabred in the 2016 presidential election, and this is a small defeat of just 200,000 votes, which he tried unsuccessfully to undo.

On Monday, election officials destroyed unused ballots.

On Monday, election officials destroyed unused ballots.Credit:Getty Images

Both have fierce rivalries and embody a political abyss that has existed for more than four decades, while Rabredo is allied with the movement that toppled the elder Marcos.


About 65 million Filipinos were eligible to vote Monday to decide on Duterte’s successor, as well as thousands of other positions, from lawmakers and governors to mayors and city councilors.

COMELEC declared the election “relatively peaceful” and documented 15 security incidents, including police killing three members of a peacekeeping force near a polling station in the south.

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