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Ferrari launches F8 Tributo in Melbourne


MyDrive | Ferrari – Ferrari has introduced the F8 Spider, a next-generation sports car that is equipped with the most successful V8 in history, mounted in the middle of the rear.

The Ferrari F8 Spider was developed in parallel with the F8 Tributo berlinetta and has a compact and efficient RHT (retractable hard top) that affects the line of the leading model in its category.

The F8 Spider is the latest addition to the exclusive and prestigious open-top V8 line that began with the 308 GTS in 1977. It is less extreme than the 488 Pista Spider, but more sporty than the 488 Spider, which it replaces in the lineup.

Thus, the F8 Spider sets a new benchmark for the sports car “in the open air” in terms of performance and exceptional handling, providing an incredibly rewarding driving experience. In fact, it perfectly combines the dynamics of handling with amazing comfort in the car. Thus, this Ferrari spider combines the characteristics of the most famous 8-cylinder engine in history with unprecedented driving pleasure.

The V8 has raised the bar of performance to unprecedented new heights not only for turbocharged engines but also powertrains of all types. The engine is a development of the V8, which for four consecutive years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) won the International Engine of the Year award and was also voted the best engine of the last two decades. An incredible feat that has no equal in the history of awards.

The greatest achievement of the F8 Spider is the fact that it instantly unleashes its power with zero turbo latency, while maintaining the unique and very special soundtrack of this V8. This amazing performance and easy driving is made possible by integrating a number of innovative aerodynamic solutions into its design.


In the automotive world, Ferrari’s V8 engine is seen as the epitome of sportiness and driving pleasure. This is especially true if it is installed in the middle of the rear in a two-seater. Ferrari has been honing the scope of this architecture to perfection for more than four decades as it optimally balances the weight for perfect driving dynamics.

The specifications of the V8 are truly exceptional. The unit with a volume of 3902 cc produces 720 cc at 8000 rpm and also has an impressive specific power of 185 cc / l. Its maximum torque is now higher at all engine speeds and reaches a maximum of 770 Nm at 3250 rpm.


Developed by the Ferrari Design Center, the F8 Spider continues the direction taken from the F8 Tributo, which served as a bridge to a new design language that will continue to emphasize Ferrari’s key features – high performance and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency.

When designing a spider the choice of top will always play a fundamental role in the overall look of the car. For several years now, Ferrari has been using the hard top because of the comfort it provides. As a result, the design of the F8 Spider lines was created around its RHT (retractable hard top).


The goal set by the Ferrari Styling Center with the F8 Spider was to create a stylistic tribute to the Ferrari V8 engine, developing the content of the F8 Tributo and drawing inspiration from the most iconic V8 mid-engined sports cars in Ferrari history. The result is a car with its strong personality through an even more sporty design, clearly inspired by the car’s advanced aerodynamics.

The front view of the car is characterized by an S-shaped channel around which the entire front has been redesigned to highlight the extensive aerodynamic changes made in this part of the car. The most striking example is the new, more compact, horizontal LED headlights.


The cabin of the F8 Spider retains the classic, driver-oriented look typical of a Ferrari berlinetta with a medium rear engine. A concept that creates a symbiotic relationship between driver and car, as happens in F1, with all the controls mounted on the steering wheel of the new generation. The sports seats are also new.

The dashboard includes an aluminum sail panel that supports the center satellite and extends into the dashboard itself. In addition, to create a feeling of visual lightness, a slice of carbon fiber separates the top and bottom, wrapping around the whole look. This section also includes an optional 7-inch touchscreen display on the passenger side, and the dashboard is completed with a classic dashboard with a central rev counter.


The F8 Spider has taken state-of-the-art aerodynamic solutions and innovations from the Ferrari GT and Challenge racing experience and formed them into a standard mid-engine rear engine that makes high performance available to all drivers. ability.

In the F8 Spider, the placement of the front radiators – which, unlike the 488 Spider, are tilted back – is advantageous in terms of cooling, but at the same time reduces the body surface area that can be used to create downforce.

Thus, the geometry of the ducts used to dissipate the hot air had to be redesigned to provide maximum clamping force during the cutting resistance due to the positive interaction between the flows coming out of the radiator and the front wheels. As a result, the overall efficiency of the car increased by 10% compared to the 488 Spider.


Overall performance levels are much higher than in the 488 Spider, thanks to increased power, reduced weight and improved aerodynamic efficiency. This performance is also now available to more drivers thanks to car dynamics systems that make driving at the border easier and more confident.

These include a steering wheel with a smaller rim diameter and the introduction of the new Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer Plus into the integrated SSC concept, now in 6.1 form.


Unprecedented Ferrari quality standards and increasing attention to customer service are at the heart of the extended seven-year maintenance program offered with the F8 Spider. The program, available for the entire Ferrari line, covers all regular maintenance during the first seven years of the car’s life.

This scheduled maintenance is an exclusive service that allows customers to be confident that their car has been maintained for years at maximum performance and safety. This special service is also available to owners who buy used Ferraris.

Regular maintenance (at intervals of 20,000 km or once a year with no mileage restrictions), original spare parts and thorough inspections by staff trained directly at the Ferrari Training Center in Maranello using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools are just some of the benefits Genuine Maintenance Program.

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