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Ferrari presented a new hypercar in Imola


Written by Timothy Neal

Ferrari unveiled its new Le Mans-type LMH endurance hypercar at Imola, where it lapped the circuit alongside the new 296 GT3 racer.

With the intention of taking part in the 2023 Le Mans, it marks Ferrari’s return to the highest level of endurance racing some 50 years after the 312P’s last run in 1973.

Ferrari has abandoned efforts to increase the endurance of its sports cars to focus on its ailing Formula One program after a persistent lack of competitiveness.

The new hypercar will debut in March, where it will compete in the 1000 Miles of Sebring at Sebring International Raceway in Florida, America.

As it is not an LMDh type, Ferrari was able to develop its own chassis for the 499P, whereas the LMDh chassis must come from Dallara, Multimatic, Ligier or Oreca.

It has a maximum power of 670 horsepower and uses a hybrid system like the LMDh: however, unlike the LMDh models, it is all-wheel drive with a seven-speed sequential Xtrac transmission that sends power from the gas engine to the rear wheels, while the differential separates the torque from the electric motor with a single gear ratio.

The 499P takes its name from Ferrari’s racing heritage, referencing the displacement of its 2992cc twin-turbocharged V-6, which shares the engine architecture of the new 296 GT3.

However, the engine was redesigned to also serve its purpose as the backbone of the 499P design.

The electric motor, located on the front axle, is powered by a 900 V battery and is recharged by the ERS (Engine Recovery System), which recharges during deceleration and braking without external power.

The concept of the new hybrid began with simulation tests in late 2020, before moving relatively quickly to its assembly and testing. And while it bears more relation to the Ferrari F1 in terms of its aero and chassis, the new GT3 has had a major influence on its internal design and performance, with the two cars being tested back-to-back.

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