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Focus: Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan makes big promises to the state budget on the cost of living


Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan has promised that his state budget this week will be “focused on the cost of living” and provide a surplus.

The state budget will be passed on Thursday, and Mr McGowan has vowed to bring good news to struggling families.

“The cost of living will be the focus of the budget, and we have more opportunities because of our financial management during our tenure,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

“We kept the mining industry open without a break during the pandemic, and the fact that we reached a deal with the GST from the Commonwealth (means) that we have more capacity than in other states.

“So we will hand over the budget on Thursday, but people can be sure that it will pay off the debt, give a surplus and be really focused on the cost of living.”

His comments came after the Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest rates by 0.25 per cent last week with a warning that more pain awaits us.

Inflation is also 5.1 percent, and many people are concerned about the cost of essential products such as food and gasoline.

After years of complaining about a bad deal with GST, WA now earns 70 cents for every dollar after Scott Morrison redesigned the system when he was federal treasurer in 2018.

The prime minister is using every opportunity to remind the WA of what he did in the run-up to the federal election, assuring WA voters that he has no plans to change the system despite complaints from other states.


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