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Food2Soil creates fertilizer for food waste right here in Canberra

With proven results based on facts, Food2Soil is a purely organic biofertilizer made from food waste.

More than 28,150 cups of coffee, 1,820 kg of food waste and 3,458 kg of CO2 emissions saved from landfills and pollution of our atmosphere. This is Food2Soil’s environmental heritage so far – and they’re just getting started.

The main mission of Food2Soil, based in Canberra, a women’s business, is to cherish the Earth and be part of the solution for a better future – for its children and all future generations.

Owners Josie and Anabel kindly call their organic fertilizer for food waste “kambucha for plants and soil” and the best alternative to just seaweed. It is lovingly cooked in its suitable “barbarian house” to help reduce food waste in landfills and combat climate change.

Food2Soil is now available for purchase at the local IGA supermarket in Chapman. Food2Soil is a great local business with a great product! No need to keep buying the same old soil you’ve always used if there’s a local, ingenious and sustainable solution right on your doorstep.

Food2Soil, founded by a nutritionist and former chef, understands the seriousness of the food waste problem that worries our world, and sets out to fight, decoction after one.

“We both love delicious food and we love to enjoy our food and see that it nourishes our families. So seeing it is useless … really stinging, ”Josie said.

Accidentally discovering each other, the two entrepreneurs took a step of faith to start their environmental business together, which is about to celebrate its second birthday.

“We use food and coffee waste from coffee shops to create our biofertilizer. We use the ancient practice of fermentation, not composting, and prepare a microbiological living product. Most of the foods on the market do not contain beneficial microbes, and ours do, and if you feed them into the soil, it helps the plants absorb nutrients. It is the best alternative to seaweed extract, in many ways. Plants just love it! ” Annabel explained.

“We give a lot to the Earth and also to make it a movement, not just a product. We even use recycled equipment; for example, our vats from the dairy industry. What we are doing is a solution to climate change. If you support our business, you are investing in a small piece that will go on a bigger puzzle of change. ”

Josie and Anabel’s business is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but they are donating part of their profits to Greening Australia, which aims to plant 500 million trees nationwide by 2030.

With proven results based on facts, Food2Soil is purely organic. They feel genuine pride and satisfaction from the flow of positive feedback received from happy customers. They are so confident in their product that they offer a money back guarantee.

“It’s a cauldron full of quirks!” Said Annabel.

“I had professional apple growers who said that our apples grown with Food2Soil were incredibly good – I couldn’t believe they weren’t commercial.”

Reasons to try Food2Soil:

  • 100% natural and organic
  • Great value – a little – it’s very important!
  • The best alternative is just seaweed
  • Steadily produced and produced
  • Created locally in Canberra by a women’s enterprise
  • Part of Food2Soil’s profits are donated by Greening Australia
  • They offer a money back guarantee

Purchase Food2Soil Concentrated Organic Biofertilizer at www.food2soil.com.au and at the IGA in Chapman. If you are local, write to the team to avoid mailings [email protected] OR visit us at Zero Waste Festival this Saturday, April 30, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. See you there!

Visit Food2Soil at Zero Waste Festival this Saturday 30 April from 11.00 to 16.00 in Cambrai, Australian National University.

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