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Football fans who capture the field, just copy the history of players on the field Football violence


The football authorities need to expand the scope of the discussion in response to the recent invasions of the field if they really want to control the unacceptable behavior of fans (Authorities seeking solutions after the invasion of the field are worried, May 20th). The answer to this problem lies largely in the clubs and their players.

For several seasons, we’ve watched players indulge in a series of increasingly historic actions as their team scores a goal: glides on their knees across the field, pushes corner flags and – worst of all – jumps over barriers to hug their fans. No less deplorable are the reactions of the coaching staff and substitutes who encroach on the field to join this triumphalism. When fans resort to irresponsible and violent behavior, they do nothing more than follow the example of their idols.

If the FA, the English Football League and Premier League take the introduction of corrective action seriously, they must insist that players behave more consistently. If they resort to their usual antics, if a goal is scored, they should be fined at least a yellow card; non-gaming personnel who broke into the field must be sent to the dressing room. And if that doesn’t fix the problem, referees should be empowered to ban the goal.
Graham Downey
Stables, Warwickshire

If the behavior of fans is not about football, but society (Jonathan Wilson, May 20th), is it worth considering Patrick Vieira’s attack on a fan? With the government aiming to stir the feelings of them and us, and the prime minister as a model of how to run their workplace, it’s hard not to.
Stephen Wood

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