Home Lifestyle Former Olympian Jan Thorpe’s ex-fiancé Ryan Channing has died suddenly in Bali

Former Olympian Jan Thorpe’s ex-fiancé Ryan Channing has died suddenly in Bali


Former fiancé of Australian swimmer and role model LGBTQIA + Ian Thorpe has died abroad.

Ryan Channing was found dead in Bali after reportedly battling some health complications.

Channing, who was a skincare entrepreneur from Perth, is believed to have been taken to hospital earlier this week and died on May 8.

His brother Jake posted a heartfelt tribute to the memory on social media.

“With a heavy heart, I announce that my brother Ryan has recently passed away,” he wrote.

“As we seek answers and try to come to terms with the emotional loss of my beautiful older brother, we ask for your prayer, support and confidentiality, he will be forever loved, never forgotten and forever young.

“For my older brother, I love you, I’ll see you soon, you’ll be missing more than you know (no, it wasn’t related to COVID).”

Channing fans also expressed their condolences on Instagram.

“RIP a beautiful soul,” wrote one man.

“I didn’t know you personally, but always saw you in the tabloids, too young. Rest in peace, ”said another.

Camera iconIan Thorpe and Ryan Channing advocate for equality in marriage. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

It comes two months after the 32-year-old had a hard time with COVID-19.

In a black-and-white Instagram post from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney on March 10, Channing uploaded a mirror selfie in which he is wearing a mask and hoodie during a peace sign.

“COVID annoyed me (well),” Channing wrote.

“Thanks to the wonderful nurses and St. Vincent’s Hospital.”

This was his last post on Instagram before his death.

Thorpe and Channing began dating in 2015, about a year after the Olympian publicly became gay.

The couple has been a big supporter of marital equality and is considered a role model in the LGBTQIA + community.

Ryan Channing and Ian Thorpe.
Camera iconRyan Channing and Ian Thorpe. Credit: unknown/unknown

Their relationship lasted four years before ending in 2019.

Thorpe did not post any comments on his social media regarding the death of his ex-partner, but a Thorpe spokesman told The Daily Telegraph that his “thoughts with Ryan’s family”.

Channing was the founder of The Blaq Group Skincare.


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