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Former radio star Darin Hinch announces the next step


Radio host Darin Hinch has said he will run for the Victoria Parliament in the next state election later this year.

Mr Hinch, who served as a senator in the federal parliament from 2016 to 2019, announced the news to followers on Twitter on Tuesday night.

“Yes, that’s true,” he wrote in response to a follower’s question about parliamentary nomination.

The 78-year-old is seeking a seat in the state Senate after not being elected to a federal counterpart last month.

Camera iconDaryn Hinch is set for the next political election. NCA NewsWire / Aaron Francis Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Hinch will run for the Darin Hinch Justice Party, which he founded in 2016.

Its policies include a “tough approach to law and order,” including a state registry of sex offenders, tougher parole laws, and the priority of imprisonment over rehabilitation and bail.

Camera iconDaryn Hinch (right) while working as a federal senator. Credit: News Corp Australia, Kim Smith

The party – through Stuart Grimley and Tanya Maxwell – already has two seats in the upper house.

Mr. Hinch is a longtime lawyer for victims of crime, and as a result he had his own brushes with the law.

He was jailed in 1987 for naming a pedophile priest, and in 2014 was again jailed for 50 days for contempt of court in the murder of Jill Miger.


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