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Former TV presenter Andrew O’Keefe is in rehab


Former TV star Andrew O’Keefe says he is feeling well, as after his release under a written undertaking not to leave, he begins a six-month stay in a rehabilitation center.

Former TV presenter Andrew O’Keefe was admitted to a rehab center after being released on bail.

He left Silverwater Jail in Sydney and traveled with his brother to an institution near Newcastle.

O’Keefe’s first images were taken when on the way he stopped at a service station.

The footage shows O’Keefe in a good mood talking and laughing with several people.

Asked if he wanted coffee, he replied, “No, I’m fine, thank you … yes, no, I had a few drinks today.”

When he was told he looked good, he replied, “Yes, I feel good.”

The 50-year-old has been in custody since his arrest in January and then accused of assaulting a woman and strangling her at an apartment in the Sydney CBD.

In February, he pleaded guilty to a separate charge of drug possession.

Under the terms of the bail, O’Keefe must stay in the rehab center for six months, take any medication prescribed to him and visit a psychiatrist and psychologist weekly.

O’Keefe is scheduled to appear in court again in June.

The former Weekend host Sunrise and Deal Or No Deal left Channel 7 last February after his contract was not renewed.

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