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Fremantle Dockers vs. Magpie Collingwood, raw weather, goal scoring, goal scoring problems, real problem, Melbourne Demons


Fremantle’s “real problem” turned out to be a loss to Collingwood – and it has nothing to do with wet weather.

Fox Footy analyst Jonathan Brown said the fact that the Dockers are averaging just six goals in their three defeats in 2022 is of great concern.

“They need to know what works,” he said on the couch.

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“Sometimes after a few great weeks of football there is a lot of publicity, one loss is not enough to reboot.

“But you get two bad ones in a row – you scored 44 points and 33 points two weeks in a row.

“This is a real problem for Fremantle at the moment.

“They need to be able to score from all parts of the game.”

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They scored just eight goals in the 2nd round from St. Kilda, four goals in the 9th round from the Gold Coast and six goals in the defeat from Collingwood.

Their leading goal scorer of 2022, Rory Lob (14 goals in nine games), has scored just two goals in those three defeats, and Lachi Schultz, second among the club’s top goal scorers, has not scored in those games.

In his seven wins, Fremantle has averaged more than 13 goals per game.

Harry Lyon’s Fox Footy has been full of praise for the honesty of Fremantle coach Justin Longmury as to where the club has gone wrong over the past two weeks.

Longmoor accused his players of being ahead of themselves and said the back-to-back losses were a “reality check” they needed before Saturday’s clash with Melbourne.

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“I liked how honest he was, I don’t think it was just on the players he aimed at, I think it was the whole club,” Lyon said on the couch.

After two defeats in wet weather, Longmouth said it was a “mental” hurdle that his players had to overcome.

“I think some of our players read the terms too much and it affects their game too much, especially with the ball in their hands,” Longmurre said.

Dockers will fly to Melbourne to meet with current premieres at the MCG, where showers are previously forecast.


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