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From the Tivi Islands to the summit: tonight the Riolis trio will grow the ornate heritage of the AFL


A new chapter in history textbooks is set to be written by one of the most famous names in the game when West Coast meets Richmond on Friday night.

The three Riolis will take to the field in the same match for the first time in more than 40 years as the family adorns the VFL / AFL to the delight of players, coaches and fans of all stripes.

Eagles Prime Minister Willie Rioli will host cousins ​​Daniel and Maurice Jr. in the opening match of the 7th round at the Optus Stadium in Perth after the desired return to the game and a good start to the season after a two-year suspension after anti-doping violations. protocols in August. 2019

Willy Rioli celebrates a goal in the 2019 match between the West Coast Eagles and the Hawthorn Hawks. (Photo by Daniel Carson / AFL Photos)

Daniel Rioli’s impressive resume includes three Premier League victories with the Tigers, first raising the trophy in the club’s major rise to the top in 2017.

The youngest of the trio, Maurice Jr., was drafted to Richmond in late 2020 and will play his first game of the season when he comes out with senior nephew Daniel in the Yellow-Blacks.

Maurice Jr. is the son of pioneer Maurice Rioli Sr., one of the first indigenous players to pursue a career in Victoria when he moved to the interstate to play in a previous national competition. He is widely considered one of the most exciting players of his generation.

Since then, five Riolis have joined the VFL / AFL, with several more involved in the WAFL and Northern Territories.

All Territorialists, most of the extended family, spent their development period playing for their home club Tiwi Bombers and / or NTFL FC St Mary’s powerhouse. Riolis ’embellished story in Saints has undoubtedly helped the club secure a number of their many premier seats.

“Our holy boys will go down in history tomorrow,” the club wrote on its Facebook page on Thursday.

“How good is it ?!”

“Enjoy, guys, we’re all proud of you.”

West Coast and Richmond will kick off on Friday night at 6:10 p.m., West West Standard Time.


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