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Full Harvest is accelerating the expansion of the B2B product market


Full Harvest, a B2B marketplace that specializes in surplus and imperfect products, has announced many milestones as it successfully scales its operations to help solve the $ 2.6 trillion global food waste problem.

“In just a few short months, we have been able to make incredible progress towards our mission to address the efficiency of production distribution and reduce waste on the farm. Our new B2B marketplace tools are further improving the process of buying / selling products online, and even more products are using our proven salvaged products on store shelves, ”said Full Harvest founder and CEO Christine Mosley.

“However, I believe that our greatest achievements in recent times are attracting the best talent, given the current employment crisis, and attracting additional stellar investment partners – Rabobank and Translink Capital / Japan Airlines (as JAL Innovation Fund) – to set us up for continued success. I look forward to all that our team will achieve in the coming months, when we break the supply chain and make 2022 our turning point. ”

Extending the management team

Full Harvest has deepened its line of proven industry experts by appointing experienced Internet Marketplace executives Nicholas Genest as Chief Technology Officer and Brenton Keith as Chief Financial Officer. By completing Full Harvest’s management team, Genest will lead the company’s further efforts to expand the market, and Keith will lead its financial strategy.

Both will help support Full Harvest’s drive to enter new markets, strengthen industry partnerships and improve its distribution channels.

Full Harvest has also appointed product expert Omar Chaudhry as vice president of products. Dedicated to helping e-commerce companies meet the needs of an emerging market, it will support the company’s future strategy and provide an intuitive user experience.

Strategic financing

Due to oversupply, Full Harvest closed another $ 5 million in growth funding from the Rabobank Food and Agriculture Innovation Fund (RFAIF) and the JAL Innovation Fund, increasing their total B-Series volume to $ 28 million.

With the support of Rabobank as well as the JAL Innovation Fund, Full Harvest has expanded access to a wider network of connections that will become an integral part of the next phase of its rapid growth.

“Too much food ends up being wasted while it is still completely edible. Through our investment in Full Harvest, we support Christine and her team in solving the very real problem of food waste at the farm level by allowing farmers to sell all their fresh produce to commercial food producers, including imperfect or surplus products, ”Rabobank said. Said board member Berry Martin.

“Such innovations are needed to ensure safe and sustainable food for the world’s growing population, beneficial to people, nature and the fight against climate change.”


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