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Funding schools for green energy


Schools in the WA were asked to apply for a second round of clean energy funding to help them reduce energy costs.

The state government is $ 44.6 million Clean Energy Technology Foundation for Schools within four years, solar panels and virtual power plants will be installed in Washington public schools.

Successful entrants will receive a solar energy system to meet the energy needs of the school population.

The fund is already helping 91 schools become more energy efficient through the use of renewable electricity, which reduces their costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Schools without existing solar facilities and with high energy consumption may apply for an energy saving scheme in future funding rounds.

The school’s clean energy technology fund is in line with Western Australia’s climate change policy.

“As the state’s largest employer and one of the main factors influencing youth, the Department of Education plays an important role in promoting sustainable development in society,” said Sue Ellery, Minister of Education and Training.

“We are looking to make changes and fund new initiatives that reduce the impact of schools on the environment.

“I encourage schools that are eligible to apply for the second round of the Clean Energy for Schools Foundation, which allows schools to save money while having a positive impact on the environment.

“The foundation also gives students the opportunity to learn to be more energy efficient and to contribute to positive change in climate change action.”

Image: © stock.adobe.com/au/Lisa F. Young


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