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Gareth Southgate takes responsibility for “punishing” defeat by Hungary | League of Nations


Gareth Southgate took full responsibility for England’s heavy home defeat against Hungary, which he called a “night of punishment” for his side.

It was the heaviest defeat England had suffered on its shores since 1928. League of Nations results for the last 11 days. Hungary’s resounding victory in Malinho meant they made a double over the Southgate side, which also drew with Germany and Italy. None of these games have brought a goal from an open game, and the defeat so convincingly against a team that is unlikely to be part of the world elite does not raise awkward questions before the World Cup in November.

“It’s a punishable night,” Southgate said. “We haven’t lost many matches, and if you lose so much England it will be very, very painful.

“I feel it [the players] because in two Hungary in particular in the games, I chose teams where I tried to balance the lineup, give opportunities to young players, and I did not achieve the right balance in order to perform at the level necessary to win these matches.

Southgate have made nine changes since the Italian game, but Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Calvin Phillips and Bucaio Saka were among the regulars who started. “The players were fantastic,” the coach said. “The responsibility lies with me. It was very difficult to single out the strongest team in each game, so we used that to prepare for Qatar. But, of course, a night like today is very difficult, and it’s important to take it off their shoulders, because it’s entirely up to me. “

The crowd did not hide their dissatisfaction when Hungary turned the screw in the second half with widespread chanting “You do not know what you’re doing” and audible shouts from the stands. This was a far cry from the grace that was poured on Southgate for most of his tenure, and he acknowledged that the criticism was “unpleasant”, while acknowledging that it goes hand in hand with the territory.

“I have to admit that the next period will be unpleasant and inconvenient, but you will never have six years like us and there will be no hard nights,” he said.

“I knew the role even before I took it. I would say [the change in tone] it happened over 10 days, not 11 months, but I’ve seen all my predecessors go through this, and I know wonderful people like Sir Bobby Robson, what he had to go through and how he was looked at in the end to get the team out of the World Cup Semifinals.

“Football is emotional, people pay to come and see, give their opinion. The team could not perform tonight, it is my responsibility, so if I have to break, I have to fight it. “

This gives Southgate a lot to worry about five months after the start of the World Cup, but his confidence in England’s prospects has not been affected. “We’ve always said we’re one of a group of teams that can press in the winter,” he said. “I don’t think it’s any different. The other big teams had tough times in this competition, it was a really unique set of circumstances for each country. I look at the balance across Europe, and there are many countries in this situation. “

Hungary manager Mark Rossi sees his team sitting at the top of the A3 League of Nations group, and said he will celebrate the famous victory by watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Wednesday night. “When I die, I hope as soon as possible, I hope that there will be one minute of silence in the stadiums in Hungary, and it will be a great achievement for me,” he said of the importance of victory.


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