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Germany has agreed on a plan to legalize recreational cannabis

The supply and use of drugs will be “permitted within a licensed and state-controlled framework.”

Germany on Wednesday cleared the way to legalize the purchase and possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use, leaving it with one of the most liberal cannabis policies in Europe.

The landmark project still needs approval from the European Union and the German parliament before it can be enshrined in statute, expected in 2024.

According to the draft plans, the production and supply of cannabis will be “allowed within a licensed and state-controlled framework,” Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said at a press conference.

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The main reform of German drug policy was aimed at “better protection of youth and health”, Lauterbach said.

– “Impact on society” –

Legalization would mean “better product quality and therefore better health protection, and relief for our law enforcement agencies to focus on more important things,” Bushman wrote on Twitter.

The cultivation of hemp and the production of products will be allowed by licensed businesses in Germany, and their sale will be taxed. Adults will also be able to keep up to three plants for their own supply.

The government will also explore a possible limit on the maximum strength of cannabis products sold to adults under the age of 21 due to concerns about the health effects of younger users.

Any eventual decriminalization of cannabis would be reviewed after four years to assess its “societal impact,” according to the draft proposals.

Germany will submit its plans to the European Commission for approval before proceeding with the rule change.

The minister expressed confidence that the legalization plans would be approved, but said he did not want to “downplay” the risks of an EU shutdown.

If the reforms were to go through, Germany would join a short list of countries that have legalized cannabis, including Malta, Canada and Uruguay.

Legalizing cannabis was one of the main strategies agreed by Germany’s coalition partners – the Social Democrats, the Greens and the liberal FDP – when they formed a government late last year.

Opposition Conservatives, however, called the government’s plans to legalize cannabis “wrong and dangerous”.


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