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Getinge Australia T-DOC Electronic Tracking Solution


Getinge Australia’s T-DOC electronic tracking solution helps deliver sterile products with quality assurance.

Tracking reusable medical devices is not only critical to preventing the spread of healthcare-associated infections, but also a mandatory requirement. T-DOC’s electronic instrument traceability solution is designed to ensure complete traceability, optimized use of instruments and devices, and on-time delivery to surgeries, facilitating optimal patient care. It ensures efficient use of resources and helps users make data-driven decisions by offering automation and integration with the hospital’s IT infrastructure.

The T-DOC 2000 solution is a comprehensive device tracking system. It supports the sterile supply workflow of instruments, consumables and implants, from reprocessing, inventory and logistics to use. It provides clear and easy-to-read labeling and on-screen instructions, which helps reduce the risk of human error and promotes accurate inventory.

An optimized sterile supply workflow ensures better utilization of hospital resources related to personnel, equipment, accurate prioritization and reprocessing equipment. By providing staff with instant access to valuable tools, alerts and reports, T-DOC helps improve the sterile supply workflow throughout the hospital.

T-DOC enables full inventory control by managing multiple inventories from one location. Users can maintain accurate inventory levels, streamline order processes, and provide departmental transparency. Hospital supplies can represent a lot of value, so full visibility of purchase date and expiration date is important. T-DOC manages this and provides relevant data for purchase; to know exactly what, when and how much to buy.

At its launch 25 years ago, Getinge’s T-DOC sterile supply management solution was claimed to be the first solution worldwide to offer healthcare facilities the ability to move from paper-based to fully electronic traceability of surgical instruments. Although T-DOC has been continuously developed over the years, the basic concept remains: simple and effective to use.

1 AS/NZS 4187:2014 Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in healthcare settings


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