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Gold, silver, “boring” stocks – stay safe and be patient


Mike Larson: Gold, silver, “sad” stocks – take care and be patientyoutu.be

Investors may find it difficult to decide where to put their money in today’s turbulent environment, but Mike Larson, editor-in-chief of MoneyShow, believes that safety should be a top consideration for market participants.

Speaking to Investing News Network, he said precious metals perform this role, as well as “boring” actions.

“Gold is outperforming many other asset classes,” he said, noting that most people would rather own gold stocks this year than technical shares. “(Gold) still gives you some of that security — (that) security premium and security insurance.”

As for stocks to consider, he mentioned companies in sectors that don’t need a strong economy or explosive growth to generate good earnings and revenue. This includes consumer goods, utilities and healthcare.

“In your stock market portfolio, you want to be in defensive sectors,” he said. “You want to do things that are…boring. But making money is exciting for me, even if I have to do it in boring stocks, right? Or even if I want to lose less.’

He also believes that it is good to have more money on hand than usual at the moment.

“Look — you certainly lose purchasing power because of inflation, but you don’t lose 30 to 35 percent of the NASDAQ average stock value. You lose a few percentage points to inflation, and you have a stash of money. So when we get to a tipping point, when we get to a point where (the U.S. Federal Reserve) can stop its foot a little bit, then you can start using that money into much cheaper and cheaper asset shares, mining shares or other interests of yours,” he said.

“Holding more money makes all the sense in the world, and I think you should continue to do that until that environment starts to soften a little bit,” Larson continued, adding that the Fed’s change in direction would also help gold and silver.

Watch the interview above to hear more from Larson about precious metals and why he focused on security. You can too Click here to read our review of the New Orleans Investment Conference and here for our full YouTube event playlist.

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