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Good & Fugly continues to fight food waste


The social enterprise Good & Fugly, based in Sydney, has delivered a rescue to farmers whose products are denied by supermarket giants because they do not meet “beauty standards”.

The brand has announced a productive “rescue” hotline for farmers to arrange for the Good & Fugly team to purchase surplus fruits and vegetables.

The 13-000-FUGLY hotline is a direct response to the increase in product spending due to non-compliance with aesthetic retail requirements. Growers often leave to give up unwanted products, and here Good & Fugly can intervene.

Paul Milano, a farmer from Swan Hill, Victoria, who worked with Good & Fugly after retailers gave up hundreds of pounds of delicious fruit, said: “Everyone loses if they eat good quality fruits and vegetables when they are perfectly fit for human consumption.

“Last year alone, 50 tons had to be thrown away on our farm, and this is being duplicated across Australia. With the help of the emergency hotline Good & Fugly I can call them in case of oversupply or refusal of sellers and quickly work out a win-win solution, depending on the type of product. Good & Fugly gives our delicious fruits and vegetables the home it deserves, for the benefit of all. ”

Supermarkets rejected thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables

According to Good & Fugly, a quarter of fresh fruits and vegetables never leave the farm because they do not meet the beauty standards of supermarkets, which leaves farmers losing not only in income but also in their time, energy and resources.

Richard Turin, founder of Good & Fugly, said his team is looking to find ways to support all farmers across Australia.

“Especially in these times with a shortage of supply chains and floods. We are going to change the beauty standards of supermarkets so that consumers eventually have access to all fruits and vegetables.

“What we do is better for the consumer, better for the producers and better for the planet. It is an economically and environmentally sustainable social enterprise with which Australian farmers can stay ahead. Feedback from farmers is really positive. They tell us that we are giving them an option that did not exist before. “

Good & Fugly offers standalone and signature boxes with “ugly” fruits and vegetables at an affordable price and free shipping to consumers. All products are supplied to local farmers to combat food waste and promote environmentally sustainable methods.

Farmers can contact the Food Rescue Hotline at 13-000-FUGLY

Find out more at www.goodandfugly.com.au

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