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For Harry and Joy Davis the vision to build the house of their dreams grew out of the need to cut back.

Using the services of Jonathan William Homs, the couple worked closely with directors Jonathan and Jenna Atan to ensure that their new home in Karina was designed to suit their needs and take advantage of the pristine views.

Moving into the house in early May, Mr. Davis shared his experiences with New Homes.

What made you build and what was the initial process?

We wanted to reduce the size of the big house and decided to build because of the relationship that developed with Jonathan, who offered a unit that we eventually bought.

Were it not for these two factors, I doubt we would have taken the plunge.

The initial process went very smoothly because Jonathan and Jenna made it so much easier for us.

We quickly developed trust in them, and Jenna was a huge help to Joy in choosing the outfit.

Also, Jonathan introduced us to a designer who was able to capture what we wanted on the first try, which helped a lot.

What did the design process look like?

We had a few basic requirements, such as an inverted configuration to take advantage of the views, and offices for both of us.

The bathroom took a few small changes to the floor plan, but the designer did it quickly.

It helped that Jonathan and Jenna confirmed aspects of the design.

A formal preliminary meeting was held to select the bulk of the election, but the process took many months. Jenna was very kind, helping to guide our choices.

We would be completely overwhelmed if all these choices had to be done in one session, and as we understand, most builders do just that.

Why did you build houses with Jonathan William?

First, it was the stunning quality of their exhibit home on Wessex Street, Karin. This convinced us of Jonathan’s extremely high standards.

Then we made sure that their business was conducted conservatively and most likely would not face solvency problems.

Finally, it was the knowledge that they will do a good job and they are totally trustworthy.

What did you notice during the construction process?

Naturally, we regularly monitored the progress of construction, which confirmed that our house would be solid as stone.

The foundations had many facets designed to be bigger and better than most.

Finishing the surface was everything we expected – it was really the last few weeks when minor flaws were fixed that we probably would never have noticed

Jonathan is by nature a perfectionist, and I can say with confidence that he will only build this way.

What is your favorite part of the house?

High ceilings in the dining room and kitchen, a balcony with so good views, and a combination of wooden floors and a magnificent floating staircase.

Your advice for people who have decided to build such a house?

You need to carelessly trust your builder as there is no way to know what is in the basic structure and whether you are making the most appropriate choice.

Anything else you would like to add?

We knew Jonathan William Homes would provide the opportunity and they exceeded our expectations, which is an amazing effort in this challenging construction environment.

I expect someone to be just as excited about the final product as we are.


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