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Government Radio Network Manager


BAI was selected to provide day-to-day management, monitoring, maintenance and recovery of the network service used by public safety and other government agencies for the necessary communications.

The BAI was selected following an extensive bidding process that included a customer reference group and evaluation teams consisting of representatives of public safety organizations, utilities and other New Wales government agencies.

The contract with BAI includes a number of provisions aimed at improving agency services, including higher service level requirements such as improved response and recovery times, and improved management and accountability. It also has more flexibility, allowing agencies to quickly adapt to technological improvements and changes in network design, including the addition of new services and features.

A separate service agreement has been entered into with the current network manager, Motorola Solutions, which will continue to support core and critical network components.

NSW has approached the development of new contract agreements as a mechanism to improve service levels, with the two agreements working together to provide an integrated solution that provides improved services at a lower cost than existing arrangements.

The transfer of control from Motorola to BAI will take place through a three-month transition process to ensure a smooth transfer of operational responsibility.

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