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Greens boldly emphasize Australian ladies


Homeowners and businesses will be offered loans of up to $ 100,000 to buy solar panels, and gas will be banned in new housing in line with the green vision for Australian electricity.

The plan will include transforming Snowy Hydro’s retail division into a non-profit state-owned energy trading company, which the Greens believe will increase competition and reduce costs associated with private electricity suppliers.

Party leader Adam Bandt on Saturday will present to voters in Brisbane his plan to give Australians “the cheapest, safest and most reliable electricity in history.”

He will make an announcement in the center of Ryan, which the Greens are targeting in the upcoming federal election, given that they have won the chair of the state of Maiwar, which he covers, with fluctuations of more than 13 percent in 2020.

Camera iconGreen leader Adam Bandt wants to offer Australian families cash subsidies to install solar panels and abandon gas appliances. NCA NewsWire / Gary Remage Credit: News Corp Australia

“The Green Plan will help people get batteries for their homes and switch from gas to renewable energy by cutting electricity bills and reducing pollution,” Mr Bandt said.

Grants of up to $ 10,000 and loans of up to $ 50,000 will be available to households to install solar panels.

It is hoped that the grants will stimulate activities in the domestic battery-related industries by creating jobs in manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

To support the transition from gas, households and small businesses can also apply for grants of up to $ 25,000 and loans of up to $ 100,000.

Climate Rally
Camera iconProponents say the policy is favorable for energy prices and climate. NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw Credit: News Corp Australia

In addition to working with states and territories to ban gas in new developments, there is the issue of creating a 100 percent nonprofit electricity seller that is state-owned.

“Electricity is a necessary service and it should not be used to make a profit,” Mr Bandt said.

The Smart Energy Council has backed policy measures.

John Grimes, executive director of the Smart Energy Council, said that electrifying Australia’s electricity through renewable energy is cheaper and better for the environment.

“Smart energy is crucial to lowering the cost of living for all Australians,” he said.

“Everyone knows that the best way to cut electricity bills is to get solar panels, and governments should make it easier, not harder, for Australians to get solar and solar panels.”

The first Tesla Powerwall
Camera iconSolar panels remain out of the price range of many Australians, creating problems for the grid at night. Australian / Rene Novitarger Credit: News Corp Australia

The owner of UV Power from Brisbane, Jan Gitus, said that the biggest problem for the installation of solar panels remains the cost.

He said both major parties have helped stimulate the absorption of solar energy on rooftops, but more support is needed to take solar energy use to the next level.

“The Tesla powerwall costs more than $ 14,000. If someone can get an interest-free loan, it makes it affordable, ”Mr Gitus said.

He explained that the current problem is that there was too much energy in the grid during the day and not enough in the evening.

“Australia has the highest consumption of solar energy in the world. In my district of Brisbane, more than 40 percent of homes have solar panels. This is both Labor and the Liberals, to their credit. It is reaching a new level, ”he said.

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