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Griffith City Council to Present Draft Budget and “Delivery Plan” at Upcoming Meeting | District News


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Griffith City Council will present the draft budget and “delivery plan” at the upcoming meeting, which will detail the steps to implement the recently adopted “Community Strategic Plan”. In line with the recommendations of the Office of Local Government, councils should prepare a complete “Delivery Program” to describe in detail the activities planned for the next four years. The future program will take into account the main projects of the council until the 2025/2026 financial year. A key principle of the future program is efforts to improve Lake Wiangang. Reports from the Wengan Lake Water Management Committee gave the council the idea to move forward, however funding is a problem. The current conceptual plan to begin repairs to the lake costs about $ 30 million, which is an impossible amount without funding from the state or the Commonwealth. Although the recent case of Commonwealth funding has not been successful, the council plans to apply again. Lack of funding has also suspended the pipeline project. The plan to build a pipeline from the Reclamation Plant to South Lake is currently frozen as a new building is being built for funding. The council will also vote on an application from Piccolo family farms to use their land as a functional hub for twelve events a year after a series of objections. Neighbors expressed concern about the noise and damage to the environment, after the proposal included activities for up to 500 people twice a year. Preliminary approval has been given for up to five events a year, however Piccolo Family Farms hopes to extend this to a permanent calendar of events. Activities held on the ground include Day in the Garden, Opera in the Garden and a number of other concerts. The meeting of the council will take place from 19.00 on Tuesday, May 10. The meeting will be broadcast live on Griffith City Council’s Facebook page, and minutes will be posted on Griffith City Council’s website later. The full agenda is available here. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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