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Griffith City Council will apply for a special interest rate increase of two percent in the new financial year | District News


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Griffith City Council voted to apply for a two percent rate hike in the new fiscal year, exceeding the 0.7 percent limit announced by the Independent Court of Pricing and Regulation at its meeting last night. An independent price and regulation court sets a maximum limit that local authorities can increase per year. The maximum limit in 2022/23 is 0.7 percent, which has caused some problems for councils in New Wales. Griffith City Council Director for Business, Cultural and Financial Services Max Turner has proposed to apply for a special rate waiver, excluding them from the rate binding. The council met to discuss the petition, but decided to apply for rejection. Advisors Ann Napoli and Melissa Marin have proposed not to increase rates. “Some of the council members, in particular, went to the polls to say that we would support pegging. I know we need further change, but I feel that in these circumstances we have had two very difficult years,” he said. IN OTHER NEWS: Councilor Shari Blumer said it was important for the council to maintain a strong budget, noting that the council had already announced to the public a two percent rate increase and a recent salary increase for council staff. a two percent salary for board staff, which I consider appropriate given the labor market shortage. I would like to know what services we are going to reduce to keep that 0.7, “she explained. Ultimately, Ms. Marin and Ms. Napoli’s petition was denied eight to three, and the council will apply for a special rate waiver. At the same meeting, the council decided to adopt a new draft media policy, which will be put on public display for comment and feedback. available on the Griffith City Council website.Our journalists are working hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community.Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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