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Griffith City Council will vote for a new media policy project at its next meeting with fewer restrictions for council members | District News


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Griffith City Council will amend the media policy after a controversial “mystery” policy was removed from the committee’s policy on March 22. Following the removal of this policy, provided that the committees will follow the same code of conduct as the council, Councilor Shari Blumer noted that this will include a revision and adjustment of current policies. She stressed the need for coherence between the council’s internal media policy and committee policies, using the code of conduct for communication purposes. RELATED It seems that the Council has given priority in creating a new policy by presenting a version at the forthcoming meeting to vote on whether it will be adopted by the Council and put on public display. Serious amendments were made to the policy towards the mayor, board members and the director general, but no amendments were made regarding staff. The new policy is much more relaxed than the current one, which removes restrictions for council members and the mayor in presenting their personal views to the media. IN OTHER NEWS, the new policy also brings together all committees under one umbrella, but while it emphasizes that the chairman of any committee is the main representative on the issues, it does not restrict other committee members from having their voices heard. Director of Economic and Organizational Development Shirin Donaldson, who introduces the new policy, noted that depending on the provisions of the Office of Local Government, which repeal local policy, additional amendments may be needed. The Council will also vote on the adoption by the Department of Planning and Environmental Protection of the recently amended amendments to local environmental plans. The changes are designed to support agritourism, a particularly important element of Griffith’s economy. To this end, many changes are already in place in Griffith, but the department is urging local councils to set aside specific zones for new regulations. The council will vote on delegating the task of nominating candidates for the zone to Director of Sustainable Development Phil Harding. The meeting of the council will take place on Tuesday, April 12, from 19.00. The full agenda is posted on the council’s website. The meeting will be broadcast live on Griffith City Council’s Facebook page, and minutes will be posted on Griffith City Council’s website later. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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