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Griffith’s first craft beer festival was a resounding success, thanks to the hard work of the organizers | District News


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The long journey of Grainmother Brewing Supplies ended with the success of the first ever Griffith craft beer festival, which took place on April 16 – in honor of all the beer. The Blood, Sweat and Beer Festival arose out of a desire to connect with nearby brewers and create an opportunity for anyone who loves beer and the brewing process to connect and network. To that end, Megan Ty and Adam Gaffey began the process of organizing the festival many months ago. On this day, about 1,000 people entered the Community Gardens to try some of the best local varieties of Riverina, selling both pre-booked tickets and tickets at the door. Ms. Ty said the day was very successful, especially given the new nature of the event. “It was very, very good – a successful event for the first year. Everyone was very happy for the next one,” she said. RELATED She added that with Griffith being such a dominant wine, “Blood, Sweat and Beer” could really capture the hearts of those less prone to wine. “I just liked it – Griffith is so dominant in wine, people just wanted something new, so this festival just brought a different light and captured a lot of different people. There’s a market for that in Griffith.” The other half of the Grainmother, Mr. Gaffy, said there were things they could improve, but they were thrilled with how it turned out. “It went better than expected – there are some areas that we think we could improve on, but overall it was a good success. The feedback was really positive, the suppliers were very happy.” “In terms of drinks, no one ran out. A couple of food trucks ran out, so it wasn’t the best, but that’s something we can work on next year.” IN OTHER NEWS Any fears that the coincidence between the Vintage Festival and the beer festival could affect the success of both were quickly dispelled. “We’ve kind of reached the demographic we were looking for,” Mr. Gaffy said. “As we know, the Vintage Festival is very young. People between the ages of 18 and 25 go there, so the demographics are completely different. We attract middle-aged people and do more family activities, ”Ms. Tai explained. . Whether we will see a return to the festival in the future remains to be seen, and now Grainmother is catching up with a well-deserved vacation. However, both seem eager to continue developing their new relationships with neighboring brewers. They hurried to thank everyone who helped organize the festival. “Our sponsors have been very supportive, we have a lot of family and friends also supported,” Mr Gaffi said. “We just have to thank the people who really helped us cross the border.” Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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