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Taboo – it is a fragrance of women’s lifestyle, its owners are extremely loyal, forming a connection with the spirits that lasts a lifetime. The connection that many owners have with the scent goes beyond the personal preferences of their favorite fragrance, but evokes an emotional connection that makes it memorable. Love it or hate it; Taboo is an affordable fragrance that women have known and loved for almost 90 years.

Born into the world of fragrances in 1932, Tabu is considered one of the truly wonderful fragrances in the world and is the only lifestyle fragrance in Michael Edwards ’book Perfume Legends. Michael Edwards is an expert and author of fragrances, his work consists of the largest perfume classification guide that has ever existed. He speaks of Tabu as “one of the wonderful classic fragrances that have influenced modern perfumers”. Tabu sits in good company with fragrances created by the world’s largest perfume houses such as Chanel No.5, Miss Dior, L’Eau d’Issey and Opium. Taboo has influenced the fragrance market where fragrances such as Opium have been created. Although the scent of Tabu has been a point of inspiration throughout his life, it remains unique.

Having been advertised in magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, since 1941, Tabu has always been appealing, exotic, provocative and time-consuming. Tabu was originally created by Jean Carles for his friend Javier Sera. They met when Sera worked at Myrurgia, a leading Spanish perfume house, before founding her own house; Dana Carles was well known in the industry as an innovator, the popularity of his fragrances due to the appeal and intrigue born of the unusual materials he used to create them. Dana entered the perfume world with Tabu as the first fragrance, naming the perfume because it was so bold and sensual. Serra asked Carles to create a perfume with shocking value. He asked for “un parfum de puta”, which means solid, sexy, sensual spirits, and thus Taboo was born.

«The aroma of Tabu is an intoxicating oriental mixture of flowers, spices and wood. There is a complex of orange flowers with a hint of citronella, basil and amber.«

The aroma of Tabu is an intoxicating oriental mixture of flowers, spices and wood. There is a complex of orange flowers with a hint of citronella, basil and amber. However, the harmony of patchouli / carnation is the key to taboo. The composition of the aroma is an art, just as the music combines notes and lyrics to create a song, and the chef prepares a dish from ingredients of different sizes.

The first hint of taboo brings bergamot, orange blossom and basil as the main notes of fresh cutting. The first scent of these ingredients is called the top notes of the perfume, which is often considered the most important component of the fragrance. It plays the biggest role in shaping the first impression and influences the owner. These top notes often persist for the first 5-15 minutes of wearing. They are usually lighter on the body, which instantly attracts people to Taboo. Heart notes combine long head notes, expanding the range of ingredients, relying on full-fledged components for longer wear. Taboo heart notes are a blend of carnation, oriental rose, jasmine and clover, creating a spicy, floral scent when sitting on those who wear it. As for the base notes, which consist of much heavier and richer scents that can be sniffed for up to 6 hours after application, the carefully crafted rich oriental taboo soul of patchouli, amber, musk, oakmoss and vanilla – this is what gives a lot his spirit. reputation cannot be ignored and attract such loyal users.

Fragrances, as an art form in itself, may be one of the reasons why they are displayed and conveyed through photography and, not so long ago, paintings. The first Taboo ad to appear in the magazine featured a “kissing couple.” As you know today, Taboo Violinist was written in 1898 by French artist Rene Prine. He called his painting “Kreutzer’s Sonata”. While the painting was made many years before the creation of Taboo, after an exhibition in Paris in 1901, it disappeared from view until somehow someone from Dana saw her and drew Seri’s attention to her. The picture depicts a novel that immediately contributed to Taboo and began a love affair that the New York Times called “the longest commercial kiss in history.” Although the ad did not explicitly state that the lady wore the Taboo, a direct reference made as soon as such strong kvass can make a man forget about music and affiliation. The image of kissing couples ”became as familiar as the Mona Lisa at the time, and letters to Taboo Violinist, New York always reached the company.

Perfumes are composed purposefully, often in order to encourage a certain experience or evoke certain emotions in the owner. Tabu was specifically designed as a romantic fragrance (and is often referred to as a “forbidden fragrance”) to be able to turn heads and warn everyone in the room about the presence of the owner. The vision was to evoke dreams of a forbidden but exciting place, opening to users exits from the ordinary world. It is said that taboo is the very essence of sensuality and passion. Taboo as a fragrance can attribute its heritage, fidelity and unique fragrance to anchor it in history, achieving in something a legendary status when it is passed down from generation to generation. Some of the most devoted Taboo bearers either bought or received this fragrance as a teenager and wore it all their lives as their signature fragrance, never encountering perfumes with the same impact and significance. Because of their love of fragrance, they often give it to other women in their lives or find that their daughters and granddaughters buy it for themselves, evoking a sense of acquaintance and connection or perhaps even evoking fond memories of the loved one who wears it. .
Although the Tabu fragrance is long-lasting and has a strong plume (plume-leaving plume), some women find that their favorite form of Tabu lies outside the actual cologne spray (50ml, $ 29.99 RRP) and receive a daily dose from hand and body lotion (100 g, $ 5.95 RRP), fragrant talc (100 g $ 12.99 RRP) or face and body soap ($ 4.99 RRP). You can learn to master the art of applying fragrances with each product from the Tabu line, designed to bring fragrance to every part of your day at an affordable price. Start your morning with 50ml Cologne Spray, keep a body spray (75g, $ 6.95) in your handbag for a convenient and affordable refill, and add shampoo and shower gel (200g, $ 5.95) to your daily life. Taboo was really created for a woman who wants to be noticed.

TABU fragrance for lifestyle


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