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Guy Sebastian’s manager split “emotionally”


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Guy Sebastian told a Sydney court of a very emotional breakup with his former manager around the same time he left a foreign trip due to mental health issues.

The pop star has resumed testifying in the New South Wales District Court after a jury member was officially fired, leaving 13 people on the board.

The Crown claims that Titus Emmanuel Day, who ruled Sebastian through 6 Degrees between 2009 and 2017, robbed Sebastian of nearly $ 900,000 between 2013 and 2020.

The 49-year-old Day pleaded not guilty to 50 charges, including fraudulent embezzlement of money allegedly owed to Sebastian through royalties and performance fees.

He also denies 50 alternative articles on theft or theft.

On Tuesday, Sebastian was taken to his last meeting with Day along with both of their wives in November 2017.

“(It was) a lot of emotion,” Sebastian said.

The Australian Idol singer said the year was controversial for both as each admitted their relationship was “on the hook”.

A few months earlier, Sebastian went on a European tour in support of former boy band member Shane Philan, but abandoned it until the end.

“I got to a not very good place.”

“The tour itself was an element of it… it wasn’t really the right tour, but at the time I was also struggling with mental health issues.”

Day warned Sebastian that he would pay for the tour, but it was a good opportunity due to the release of the album.

In the email, Sebastian acknowledges that this is a “big investment” for him, but does not prevent speaking in front of “this number of people.”

He was later shocked when a document was shown proving that an estimated surcharge had been paid on his behalf for the tour.

“Would you agree to pay Mr. Philan or his promoter for the opportunity to play with him … Have you ever paid in the past as support?” Asked prosecutor David Morters SC.

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Earlier, the court said the musician owed $ 494,360 for accompanying Taylor Swift four times during her 2013 Red Tour in Australia.

Examining his financial records, Sebastian said half of that debt was missing.

“Payment (of this amount) was not. None.

And back in 2014, when his accountant tried to reconcile full payment with the help of this then-head, the situation was no less difficult, he said.

“It was like blood from a stone,” said Sebastian.

The money was allegedly used by Day to buy shares in My Medical Records, which Sebastian recalled that at the time he was actively promoting.

“Mr. Day sent me numerous emails about this stock in which he said it was a really great investment, I’m also going to make a lot of stock purchases … I think you should.”

“Did you authorize the accused to purchase any MMR shares on your behalf?” Asked Mr. Morters.


The case resumed on Tuesday after it was abruptly terminated on Monday when a jury received a severe allergic reaction and was immediately taken to hospital during a lunch break.

Less than a week after the case began, Judge Peter Zahra was pronounced dead on suspicion of stroke.

The trial before Judge Timothy Gartelman continues.



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